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This FAQ is there to help you find out what you need to know about the website templates that you can download here.

Are there free programs that I can use to edit the website templates ?

There are a variety of free resources online that you can use to modify the template(s) that you have downloaded from our website. Some examples:

There are many other Open Source products online - your best choice is to do a search for: 'Open Source HTML Editors'

Can I use the templates with a CMS, Blog or eCommerce system ?

When you download a free website template from our site the files that are contained in the zip file can not in their current state be used in any dynamic system, the files are static.

If you want to use one of our templates in a CMS (content management system), Blog or eCommerce system you will have to get someone to port it to the system that you are using.

Carry out a search for 'Convert a Template From Static HTML' or 'Convert a Website Template to [YOUR SYSTEM HERE]' e.g. 'Convert a Website Template to WordPress'

Can the templates found here be used for commercial use ?

The answer is yes - for more information about use, please read the licence. Basically you can use any of the templates found within this website for your clients website.

When using our templates for your clients the licence must be followed and your client must be informed of the licence that comes with the template(s).

Your client needs to know where the template comes from simply for legal reasons.

Does the templates content area expand vertically to fit my content ?

Unless otherwise stated all of our templates expand vertically - we currently don't have any fixed height templates. Our templates all have a fixed width but in the near future that will be changing.

Due to advances in technology and user devices, responsive designs and responsive templates are becoming increasingly popular - a responsive design is basically one that fits the device you are using, e.g. iPad, iPhone etc..

How can I change the placeholder images that are in the templates default pages ?


  1. Open the file in your editor
  2. View the source code and find the image placeholder to be changed
  3. Look at the placeholder size
  4. Re-size your image to the same size as the placeholder
  5. Change the path of the placeholder to the path of your image e.g. 'images/placeholders/1.jpg' to 'images/myphotos/tom.jpg'
  6. Save the file and you should now see your image

If the above hasn't worked in your situation please take a look at the live demonstrations that are available here. You can then compare the demo template to the copy you have and see how we have modified the demo images.

How do I change the templates default colour scheme ?

To modify all of the colours used in the template that you have downloaded you will have to modify pretty much all of the CSS files found in the 'styles' folder.

To modify the CSS colour values you need to look for elements marked up like:

  1. color:;
  2. background:;
  3. background-color:;

Please note that colour is spelt in the American way 'color' without the 'u'.

How Do I Open The Downloaded File(s) ?

This information is for all of our free downloads.

All of the files that can be downloaded from our website are compressed using a program called '7-Zip'.

7-Zip is an open source file archiving software which has a very high compression ratio. In our opinion it is better than a wide range of standard compression software currently available, that's why we use it.

If you are on a Microsoft system you can simply download and install 7-zip from their website.

MAC users have a disadvantage - you need a compatible program that can unpack '.7z' files.

MAC users can also find a list of compatible software via the link above. Here are a couple of alternatives for MAC users:

Faq Css Template Google Docs

  • Keka - free file archiver

A side note:WinZip & WinRAR can open the '.7z' extension and are available for both MAC and Windows systems.

I am not English but all the templates use English - is this a problem ?

As we are English we obviously mark-up our templates in our language. You don't need to worry about them not working for you as they will.

What you may want to change to your language equivalent is:

<html xmlns='http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml' xml:lang='EN'>

These links explain what the above code does: ISO Language Codes & Specifying the direction of text

I haven't used a template before - where do I start ?

If you have no knowledge whatsoever about HTML or CSS then you are probably not in the right place. Our templates are easy to modify yet an understanding of CSS & HTML is essential to modify the templates successfully.

We have created our HTML template mark-up so that it is easy to understand and our CSS files are broken down for the individual templates or specific elements.


Here are some links that might help:

  1. http://www.ehow.com/how_5095491_use-css-templates.html
  2. http://divitodesign.com/css/building-html-css-sites-use-a-template/
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBHl27YoPyA

Note: the links above have nothing to do with us and they were simply picked from a search results page after using the search phrase: 'how to use a website template'.

Is it possible to change the template font and the fonts size ?

Yes - this is easy to do.

Open the CSS files and find and change the elements marked-up like:

  1. font:;
  2. font-size:;
  3. font-family:;

The default size is generally '12 or 13px' and the choice of default fonts used are 'Georgia, Times New Roman, Times or serif'. For more information about setting the CSS font property click here »

Most of the templates have a search form but they don't work, why ?

Faq Css Template

As all of the templates here are static flat files the search forms don't work. To get them working you can do a variety of things:

  1. Convert the template to the system you are using and configure the form to use the default search system
  2. Create a dynamic search system using a database
  3. Create a flat file search system

The creation of a search system is more for professional developers or those who have advanced experience with dynamic content. For more information about using the forms found in our templates please click here »

The templates default files are full of Latin text - why ?

We use this text as our templates are fictitious pages and not real website pages. The text we use is so-called 'filler, placeholder or blind' text.

The text is there so that you can get an impression of how your own will look when you have added it. For more information about this type of text, take a look at the Wikipedia page.

What do I get when I download a template ?

You get a fully working W3C compliant website template.

By default all of the free website templates (HTML) have a style demo, full width page and a homepage template. Some templates have a variety of individual page templates and or template elements such as a gallery or a portfolio.

What is a website template or CSS template ?Google

For a well detailed explanation please visit Wikipedia

What operating systems work with these templates e.g. Windows, Mac etc. ?

The website templates found within our site are not Operating System dependant - the software that can be used to modify and change the templates is system dependant.

Faq Css Template Download

As you can edit HTML and CSS files in pretty much any text editor you don't need to worry what types of computer you are using - our templates work.

Css Form Templates Free

Where do the photos and graphics in these templates come from ?

Faq Css Template Excel

All of the templates use placeholder images in the downloadable zip file. The images that are found in the live demos on our website are from a variety of free and Open Source image distributors.

Faq Template Css Html

The majority of the images require a reference which can be found in the source code. Each image has a number and the number is referenced at the bottom of the source code with its accompanying link.