Export Elementor Templates

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A Template Kit is a collection of pre-designed starter templates for a WordPress Site Builder that share a cohesive visual style.

Export Elementor Templates

Most freelancers make a client website using templates, so here you find the list of Elementor templates of every type of business; you can find the Elementor landing page, resume, law agencies, companies, accounting, lawyer, fitness templates, etc. These templates are a huge time saver because it can save your hours of time and effort. I've got a page template that I've built using elementor on wordpress. I need to add a handful of custom fields and not only do I have to upgrade to do this (really can't be bothered messing around with the licences between the dev & live sites) it seems massively over complicated & bloaty for something that should just be a template for a custom post type with 2x ACF text fields.

Export Elementor Templates

You can use this plugin to export Template Kits for Elementor.

Once this plugin is activated go to the new “Template Kits” menu to begin creating and exporting your Template Kit.


Elementor pro for wordpress templates

Where can I find Template Kits?

We will update this page with links to where to find Template Kits shortly.


How do I import a Template Kit?

Use the “Template Kit Import” plugin.

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