Ethan Uslan Fur Elise

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Ethan uslan fur elise rag

In this episode, Ethan wields a sledgehammer and destroys Beethoven's hallowed Fur Elise. Then he re-enacts the Battle of San Juan Hill with musical cannon fire. The carnage continues as Ethan musically crashes two trains together (and the boilers explode, oops). Finally, Ethan gleefully plays the piano as Oh Susanna gets tied to the railroad tracks. Warning: this episode contains syncopated. Fur Elise in Ragtime played by Ethan Uslan in the 2012 Old Time Piano Contest finals. IGGY MERCH STORE on Spotify rendition is based on Ethan Uslan's 'Fur Elise in Ragtime.Original.

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Classical Music? Isn’t that OLD-people music? The loud groans I used to hear in a classroom, or the rolled eyes at the piano bench often asked that question without even saying a word. Often, in my middle school classes, I would start to “rap” a Nas beat and then sing the beginning of “Fur Elise” within that beat. My students would then say, “Hey I know that song!” My response? “Then you know classical music!”


Taking Fur Elise again, my favorite go-to for my piano students is ragtime Fur Elise played by Ethan Uslan. Why show this simple piece in different genres? This well-known piece, Fur Elise by Beethoven, has been played and enjoyed many different ways. The fun with students, then, is three-fold. Can we come up with other pieces that are “classical” and “old” but are being used today and enjoyed? An example might be “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” by Pentatonix.

Another question: What is “modern” classical music? Ever heard of John Williams? Music in the movies started by pianists playing simple classical pieces in the theater during silent films, to “fitting” classical pieces of music to the action once sound could be added to the film. Now, most of our orchestral music comes in the form of “movie” music. Orchestras around the country will learn a soundtrack and play it for an audience, and even sometimes the movie will play behind the orchestra. So, we can then track how people would have enjoyed music throughout the ages.

Our third task, then, is to learn a piece of music, how it was originally written. Then have fun with this piece of music and try to add elements of jazz or pop into the piece, add more rhythm or improvise on the melody. It is amazing to watch a student’s love of music come alive when they have an opportunity to understand it from many different angles! Even more amazing, is when they start to hear things and come up with classical music in our community on their own!

Ethan Uslan Fur Elise

These ideas are just a couple of ways I have inspired students to love the classical genre, but what can be more exciting is this challenge: What other ways is Classical music a part of life that can be tapped into and brought to a music studio or classroom? The more fun and excitement teachers have in presenting music, the more fun and excitement students have in experiencing music!

Learn to appreciate the beauty in all genres by exploring classical music and more with one of our amazing instructors!

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Ethan Uslan Fur Elise Sheet Music

- Rachel McClellan, Music Instructor at Vibe Music Academy.