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Make your club known by sending direct marketing postcards – a high impact strategy with low impact on your budget.

Sending postcards for marketing your health club is an easy and economical way to communicate with potential customers and increase memberships.

This form of direct mail marketing allows us to tailor your message to fit your brand. Using your health club images along with our creative copy to highlight special services and amenities you have to offer, we create custom postcards and mailing lists to specifically target your potential customers.

Every postcard is full-color and 2-sided, with three standard sizes:

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Direct mail’s primary purpose is to drive sales. If you look at a catalogue or any other form of direct mail marketing from retailers, the call to action will be to go online (or pick up the phone!) and buy. Compliment direct mail with emails featuring strong message and traffic driving offers. National Retail Plan & Car Care. National Retail Plan provides the opportunity to push service pricing and promotions to customers. Car Care utilizes NRP offers to bring customers back into the dealership. ©2021 Epsilon Data Management, LLC. Its creative and interactive services include brand and promotional development, e-mail deployment, search engine optimization and direct mail production. Epsilon s marketing unit focuses on launching new products in retail outlets and measuring the results. By including a special offer or a coupon in the mailing, you can track how much revenue the direct mail program generated. A 2011 study by Epsilon of 2,226 U.S. Consumers, age 18+ revealed that direct mail is a trusted source of business information for consumers: 26% of U.S. Consumers said direct mail is more trustworthy than email.

  • Jumbo 8.5”x11” (perforated coupons available)
  • 6”x11.5” (perforated coupons available)
  • 4”x6”

Epsilon Direct Mail Login

Best of all, each postcard is produced for less than the cost of a stamp. Browse the direct mail postcard samples shown here and get postcards to expand your business’s reach!