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Check Out My Website: Welcome To Luis Tutorial TV! In this video we will take a look at Enpass Password Manager! NordPass also lacks support for security keys, a feature that should be standard in any paid password manager. Avast Passwords, Enpass, RoboForm, and Sticky Password all made it through our first. The main criticism we found in every Enpass password manager review we read was the company’s refusal to adopt traditional two-factor authentication options. Nevertheless, Enpass does support multi-factor authentication in its way. 256-Bit Encryption This is the leading cryptography algorithm today, so we couldn’t ask for more. Update: Enpass has changed its pricing. An annual subscription now costs $11.99 and a lifetime subscription costs $49.99. #Enpass is a password manager under. Enpass Password Manager Review Review of Enpass Password Manager powered by the Slant community. Enpass password Manager is a native and cross platform application available for iPhone/iPad, Android, BlackBerry10, Windows Phone 8, Modern Windows, Mac OS X, Windows PC and Linux. The full featured desktop version is free.

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Many password manager providers heavily limit their free plans to encourage you to upgrade to a paid plan. But that’s not the case with Enpass or Bitwarden. Both password managers offer an excellent array of features at zero cost and (unless you’re looking for more advanced features) their free plans will be more than enough to keep your credentials secure. Even when it comes to paid subscriptions, Enpass and Bitwarden are two of the most competitive password managers on the market, costing just $1 per month and $0.25 per month respectively. Despite this, there’s one that provides a more comprehensive free plan overall.

OverviewAppsAdd-onsData TypesSecurity & PrivacyFree VersionPricingPayment MethodsSupport
Main Features
Free VersionsFree VersionFree Versions
Form Filling
Cloud Syncing
Local Storage
Password Generator
Password Sharing
Import Browser Data
Import Competitor Data
Export Data
Mobile Apps
Browser App
Windows App
macOS App
iOS App
Android App
watchOS App
Linux App
Kindle App
Browser Extensions
Google Chrome
Internet Explorer
Microsoft Edge
Data Types
Payment Information
Secure Notes
Email Accounts
Wi-Fi Networks
Software Licenses
Security and Privacy Features
Fingerprint Login
Mobile App Pin Unlock
Two-Factor Authentication
Features of the Free Version
Password Sharing
# Credentials
  • Desktop: Unlimited
  • Mobile: 25
Pricing Plans
Lifetime License
Price$0.49/mo$0.83/mo ($10/yr)
Free Trial30 days
Free Version
Money-Back Guarantee30 days
Available Payment Methods
American Express
Wire Transfer
Customer Service
Live Chat
On Call


Enpass is an offline password manager that lets you store all types of information in its vault. From shoe sizes to credit card information, Enpass provides a pre-built data form for everything. Moreover, if there’s anything you can’t find, there’s always the option to create a new form yourself.

On desktop, Enpass provides all of its features for free. You can store an unlimited number of data entries, take advantage of the password generator, and check your credentials with the password audit. Users are also able to synchronize all devices as well as share items with others at zero cost. Since this password manager stores everything locally, it doesn’t have access to any of your files or your master password. While this is great security-wise, it also has the shortcoming of using third-party cloud services in order to synchronize and share items.

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Enpass’s business model centers on mobile, which means that initially the mobile app is more limited and only supports up to 25 data entries. Of course, if you need more than that then a paid subscription is required. Fortunately, the cost is very competitive compared to the competition, with prices starting at $1 per month.

Enpass Password Generator



Enpass Vs Lastpass

Some password managers struggle to offer even the most basic of features but Bitwarden provides a comprehensive password manager completely for free. Although the software only supports four types of data – passwords, payment information, secure notes, and identities – it comes with a generator that creates passwords containing up to 128 characters, form filling via its browser extensions, and cloud syncing. Basically, everything you would expect a password manager to provide, Bitwarden offers for free.

Security-wise, Bitwarden offers the option to store all information locally, which is the perfect choice for anyone who doesn’t trust their personal information being stored on the company’s servers. However, considering that Bitwarden uses AES-256 encryption and that all information is encrypted locally, the company won’t have access to your personal data even if it is saved on their servers.

Bitwarden Password Generator

Bitwarden’s paid subscription focuses on more advanced features. One example of this is the vault’s health reports, which warn you about weak passwords or when your information has been breached. Furthermore, it also provides 1GB of encrypted data storage as well as TOTP authenticator storage and generator. Best of all, prices are very competitive as you can get Bitwarden Premium for as low as $0.25 per month.


When you consider that services like Enpass or Bitwarden provide so many features at zero cost, paying for a password manager that only offers industry-standard features isn’t necessary. Both companies provide you with all the required tools to save any type of personal information and when it comes to everyday use they’re more than enough. Bitwarden does stand out as the one having the most comprehensive free subscriptions since you can store unlimited data entries on all your devices. Despite this, Enpass might be a better free solution for some due to its flexibility, countless data forms, and password audit. When it comes to the paid plans, both companies provide competitive prices. However, while Enpass only opens up its mobile features, Bitwarden offers encrypted data storage and TOTP authenticator storage, making it a more thorough password manager overall.

Enpass Password Manager Reviews

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