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Enpass is a true Zero-Knowledge password management solution. This means none of your secured data is stored on our server and remains only on your devices. No one, except you – not even the friendly folks at Enpass – can ever get to your data whether encrypted or unencrypted. Encryption and decryption are. Click on the link below and enroll in E-ZPass online. Your transponder will arrive in the mail. You’ll need the following information to open an E-ZPass account.

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Developer(s)Sinew Software Systems Pvt. Ltd
Operating systemWindows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS, iOS, Android,
TypePassword manager

Enpass is a cross-platform password management app to securely store passwords and other credentials in a virtual vault locked with a master password.

Enpass online payment

Unlike most other popular password managers, Enpass is an offline password manager. The app does not store user data on its servers, but locally on their own devices, encrypted. Users can choose to synchronize their data between different devices using their own preferred cloud storage service like Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud, and WebDAV.

The mobile version is restricted to storing only 25 passwords free of charge, although more functionality is available for a price. The desktop version, however, is unlimited.

On November 2017, developers stopped issuing updates on BlackBerry platform and in December 2018, with the launch of v6, the company dropped support for Windows 10 Mobile.

Enpass Online

In 2016, Windows Central rated Enpass as the Best App for Windows 10 Mobile,[1] and several technology publications like Computerworld,[2]CNET,[3] Macworld,[4]iMore,[5] Android Police,[6]Android Central,[7] and Android Authority[8] have included Enpass in their list of best password managers.


The application features client-side encryption, using SQLCipher[9] to encrypt its keychain file locally with a user-defined master password. It features cloud synchronization of the keychain via Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud and self-hosted WebDAV solutions such as ownCloud and Nextcloud. It features cross browser platform support and form filling for all supported platforms. It features its own integrated software keyboard for form filling on Android devices. It has password generation. Besides pin and master password, it has the functionality of unlocking the app using biometric authentication. In December 2018, Enpass 6 was released with additional features including multiple vaults and the ability to generate time-based one-time passwords for online services.[10]

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