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A portable private information manager that can securely store all kinds of data, including passwords, financial info, licenses, travel details, and more

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The portable edition of Enpass can store your private information on any removable USB device, creating its secure database in any user-specified location, so as not to affect the Windows registry. With its help, you won't have to remember more than one master password to access all your accounts and sensitive data.

Securely store all your sensitive information

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Enpass is a relatively simple password manager that nails all the basics. While it lacks serious password-sharing capabilities and two-factor authentication, the software is well-organized. Download Enpass APK - Enpass Password Manager is a tool that frees users from the burden of remembering all the passwords. Download Enpass APK - Enpass Password Manager is a tool that frees users from the burden of remembering all the passwords.

Although categorized as a password manager, Enpass Portable does not only store passwords. It can remember all kinds of data, such as credit card details, personal financial information (bank accounts, insurance policy numbers, mortgages, mutual funds, and stock investments), email and FTP accounts, databases, instant messaging accounts, as well as server, hosting and ISP details.

The list goes on with information about planned travels (flights details and reservations, visa, passport-related information), as well as miscellaneous private data, such as addresses, mobile phone details, cloth size, combination locks for safes, emergency numbers, prescriptions and membership cards, serial numbers, car-related data, and many more.

Having the information structured in the way that it is is very important, as you can find it easier. A search form is available if your database gets too crowded. Furthermore, you can mark the most frequently used items as favorites.

Intelligently-designed security settings

While the well-organized database is definitely a perk, the most important feature of Enpass Portable is related to security (as it should be with any password manager). Aside from the unique master password and the database encryption, there are a few data protection settings that make Enpass Portable one serious competitor for other popular applications in its category.

First of all, it comprises an integrated password generator that uses a combination of digits, symbols, and letters to create secure login keys of a specific length.

Secondly, the password database auditor can detect passwords that are considered easily breakable, find old passwords that you haven't changed in a while, and detect duplicates, in an attempt to help you manage your password set so that your accounts don't become vulnerable to attacks.

Last but not least, Enpass Portable is configured to automatically delete the clipboard content and lock when idle for a specific period of time (by default, one minute), so as to make sure no one accesses your private data.

Cloud sync support and browser extensions

Enpass Portable safeguards your most important information inside an encrypted database, storing it in the location you choose. However, you can also create a backup of the password database and store it in the cloud.

For your convenience, Enpass Portable can deploy browser extensions that will help you quickly fill in login information. Safety measures are taken in this case as well, since the application verifies browsers through code signature.

Considering all of the above, it's safe to say that Enpass Portable definitely has its strong points. In fact, its rich list of features make it worth your time and attention.

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Enpass Portable was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
New in Enpass Portable 6.6.1 Microsoft Store:
  • Resolved the issue with Windows Hello, introduced in the last release.
  • Few of you reported issues with the Edit page, Login templates in Italian & Spanish languages. Fixed.
  • Fixes for other minor bugs and crashes.
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Enpass Portable 6.6.1

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portable version
This is the portable version of the application. An installable version is also available: Enpass Password Manager
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Windows 10 32/64 bit
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Enpass 6

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User friendly and well organized password manager designed to help you centralize the credentials for different types of accounts, without compromising on security

What's new in Enpass 6.6.1:

  • Fixes:
  • Resolved the issue with Touch id on the website version of Enpass.
  • Some of users reported Enpass window getting transparent. Fixed.
  • Fixed an issue with translation where the button to generate password on Edit page got invisible for Italian & Spanish language users.
Enpass 6Read the full changelog

One of the measures of ensuring the security of your accounts is using complex passwords that change periodically. At the same time, you must use a different passkey for each account, regardless of its type.

Of course, memorizing all this data is very challenging, so employing a password manager with high security standards is quite necessary.

Enpass is one of the many password managers out there that aims at combining powerful security measures with a streamlined, intuitive workflow.

Enpass 64-bit

Protect your accounts credentials by using powerful encryption methods

To start using Enpass, you must begin by setting up a master password that will be used to encrypt your data. Enpass employs the AES 256-bit encryption algorithm and complies with the FIPS 140 security standard.

At the same time, the master password is also required to have access to the Enpass main window: the app automatically lock’s its interface after a period of inactivity in order to protect your data from prying eyes.

Well organized password manager featuring a large collection of account templates

For your convenience, Enpass offers you the possibility to populate its fields by importing database files generated by other similar apps.

In addition, if you decide to input data manually, Enpass provides numerous templates designed to streamline the process. What’s more, you can add your own custom fields to each entry in order to cover all details.

Effortlessly sync your passwords database to all devices by using your own Cloud accounts

By default, Enpass encrypts and stores your database locally, but you can choose to move it in the Cloud, by making use of your Dropbox or iCloud accounts. Note that the files are stored in the cloud in encrypted form, so you will still need the master password to actually access the data.

Since the developers provide client apps for both Windows computers and various mobile operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry), once the database is stored in the cloud, you will be able to access your credentials from virtually anywhere with minimal effort.

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Enpass was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
  • Some advanced features are not available
  • 64-bit processor
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Enpass 6.6.1

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Enpass 6.5.1

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macOS 10.12 or later (Intel only)
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37.9 MB
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Enpass 64 Bit

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