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  • Hi Development-Team,

    the Export/Import functionality of your WP-PlugIn “Templator” is not working, if I choose the Template Type: “Single” for an Export.

    After the Import in a new WP-Installation the Template Type is change to “Page”! It’s also not working for the Template Type: “Section”!

    The Export/Import function is only working for the Template Types: Header/Footer/Page …

    With this bug, currently your WP Plug-in can not be used properly ;-(

  • Hi @hansjoergjaeckel,

    Template Type support in Elementor is introduced recently. For now, you can
    import/export the sections with below steps:

    1. Crete section in Elementor Library.
    2. Export it from the Elementor Library.
    3. Import it in Elementor Library.
    4. And use it as a Section on the page with Elementor.

    If still, you find the issue then please open a ticket in our support center where we can help you better: https://wptemplator.com/support/

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  1. Insert Elementor Templates Directly in the Page. If you’re working on a page, you can directly import a template within that page without going to the Saved Templates section. To do that, follow these steps 1. Go to the page on which you want to import the template. Click on Edit with Elementor.
  2. Learn how to import templates in Elementor to save your self lots of time and make your website look pro.
Elementor import template error

Elementor Page Builder comes with dozens of free & Pro templates for WordPress. Landing pages, homepages & other templates available for free download.

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The market for sharing and selling free and premium Elementor templates is growing. Just as there are WordPress themes that can be downloaded or purchased, there are third-party Elementor layout templates that you can acquire to use in your page layouts. It’s not completely obvious, though, how to import Elementor layout templates, so here is a quick guide to doing so.


Import The JSON File

  1. In your site’s admin menu, go to Elementor > My Library > Import Template.
  2. Click the Choose File button, locate the .json file that you downloaded from a third party, and click Import Now.

You will find your new Elementor template listed in your Elementor Library.


Some templates include additional files, such as CSS and XML files that give your page additional styles or functionality. If the template you download includes such files, import them using the following instructions. (Always read any instructions that may accompany your download, as they will be specific to that template. The following instructions are general guidelines that will cover most situations).

Import CSS And XML Files

  1. Copy any included CSS into Customizer > Additional CSS or into your child theme’s style sheet or into any custom CSS plugin you might be using.
  2. If your template includes any XML files, import them via Tools > Import > WordPress > Run Importer. Click the Choose File button, locate the .xml file on your computer, and click the “Upload file and import” button.

Elementor Page Template

As you can see from the screenshot above, I’ve imported several third-party files, including a restaurant and a hotel layout from the Elegant Marketplace, and four team section layouts from Bidyasagar Salam.

Elementor File Upload

Note: Just as most themes don’t include all the images you see in the demos, the same often applies to Elementor layout templates that you download or purchase. Most templates will come with a generic, stock “Your Photo Here” type of image, and it will be up to you to replace those with your own images.