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You can now create layouts for categories and custom taxonomy archive pages with full freedom. Show posts in the list and grid format in any layout you want.
The post loop of the category page will have to be replaced with the 'Post Blocks' widget. So it is recommended to read about it first here Post Blocks

+ Create a product category page in your style.(with Elementor Page Builder) + Just drag and drop interface without code. + All product categories use the same template activated, or each product category uses a different template depending on how you settings. + Help you save more time to set up for your product category page. The Elementor Website Builder has it all: drag and drop page builder, pixel perfect design, mobile responsive editing, and more. Get started now! Elementor allows developers to add new Widget Categories for their own custom widgets. Registering a new widget category is done using the elementor/elements/categoriesregistered action. Note that when creating a new category, you need to supply the category name/slug, category title/label and the category.

Elementor category page template pdf

Follow the instructions below.

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  • Create new AE Template
  • Under 'AnyWhere Elementor Settings' do the following configuration
    • Render Mode: Taxonomy Archive Template
    • Preview Post: Leave blank if you are going for full theme override
    • Preview Term: Select the taxonomy for which you want to create the layout
    • Auto Apply: Leave unchecked (this field is for future enhancement).
    • Template: Choose 'Theme Default', 'Elementor Canvas', and 'Elementor Full Width' from the option if you want to change the layout.
  • Now save AE Template and start editing with Elementor.
  • To show the posts you can use the 'Post Block' widget or you can also use the Post widget of Elementor Pro.
  • Configure the widget to show post from the category/term for which you are creating this layout.
  • Now edit the category for which you have created this layout.
  • On the category page, you will get a drop-down 'Ae Template'. Select the appropriate template from the drop-down.
  • Now check your category page on frontend :)

Elementor Create Template

The design includes main item page, category, market home, statement, dashboard and more! Super Complete Account Hub Pages We created an account hub with all the important info pages you might need, like profile and account info, social networking, general settings, manage groups, items and complete store stats including statements, earnings. Elementor Page Builder comes with dozens of free & Pro templates for WordPress. Landing pages, homepages & other templates available for free download.

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  • I am using Elementor Pro and OceanWP free version. I have made custom home page with elementor pro and oceanwp but I am not getting how to create/customize product category pages. Also I can’t find option to complete disable sidebar, I remove all the items from sidebar but empty space is still there.

    There are some options to customize single product page but not all elements in the page seems customize like the product name display area (img link : https://imgur.com/LUhLKJE).

    I want to know if the above mentioned stuff is possible to customize in free version or paid version or not possible at all with oceanwp theme.

    Any other plugin suggestions welcomed.

Elementor Category Page Template Word

  • Elementor Pro was supposed to have what Anywhere Elementor provides, in an update that was supposed to be released in March 2018.

    Anybody has any idea if that got released?

    That’s fantastic.

    Is there any tutorial that you know of about the same?

    I searched but all I seem to find as of now is that of AE.

    Thanks in advance.


    the Elementor-Pro-Templates are very limited, you cannot use any logic in there.. so you still have to keep with the wordpress-standard page-templates in the theme-folder, f.e.




    if you need to add some logic for output of custom fields f.e.


Elementor Create Page From Template

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