Eddm Postcard Examples

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STEP 1: Determine Your Route & Quantity:

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.A note on size: Any flyer or postcard you purchase from ClubFlyers.com needs to be cut out of a bigger sheet before we ship it to you. For example, if you order and submit a 4 x 6 Postcard, we will cut it out of a sheet and the end result will be a postcard that is roughly 3.875 x 5.875 inches. EDDM Examples Here are examples of our creativity for our Every Door Direct Mail Postcards. We designed, printed and mailed these Every Door Direct Mail Postcard. When the demands are high and the deadlines are tight, we deliver peace of mind and will do whatever it takes to deliver your job right. Define Your Objectives. The first step is to determine what you hope to accomplish from your EDDM. Let’s check out three EDDM examples: EDDM Example 1. Let’s say you average $40 per sale. If you send 1,000 EDDM postcards and achieve a 2 percent response rate, you’ll get 20 customers. Multiply by $40 and you get $800. If your EDDM campaign investment is $390, you’ll clear $410 from your postcard marketing campaign.

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Log on to USPS’s EDDM website at:


to select your targeted zip codes or carrier routes, and get a total count. Call Us, We Can Help You.

STEP 2: Select Your Design:
ALL POSTCARD STYLES IN OUR CATALOG & ONLINE ARE AVAILABLE AS EDDM! Below are some of our Custom Property Marketing card styles, but you can choose any card you want (ie. Recipe, Home Tips, Animal, Neighborhood Marketing, etc.) Just browse through our postcard selections and let us know your card choice and we'll make it into an EDDM for you. We can also custom design anything you want for FREE!

STEP 3: Choose Delivery Option:

a)Print & Ship We ship your cards to you if you want to take care of the paperwork, bundling, delivery to the Post Office, and pay for postage yourself. (Turnaround time: 4 business days for printing after proof approval, plus 2-5 bus. days for shipping time)


b)Full Service Print & Mail WE OFFER FULL SERVICE EDDM!Just tell us your zip codes and carrier routes, and we’ll take care of everything from printing to mailing out your EDDM. (Turnaround time: approx. 10-15 business days including print and mail to reach most ‘Target In Mailbox’ after proof approval.)

Eddm Postcard Examples

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Eddm Postcard Examples Printable