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What Is Every Door Direct Mail® Service? You can use Every Door Direct Mail® Service to:. Help reach a location without an address list. Send out local mailings or national campaigns. Help build more traffic. Seek new customers. Potentially increase revenue. Help reduce mail preparation costs. Pricing The cost of EDDM Retail is $0.16 per piece. After all is said and done, the postage savings can reach up to 7 cents over standard letter mail, or 3 cents over 4×6 postcard first class postage rate. That adds up fast when you’re sending thousands of postcards.

  • If you have a postage permit, please follow the instructions for EDDM® (BMEU). With this option, postage prices are $0.164, and you may deliver more than 5,000 mailers per Post Office per day. However, if you do not have a postage permit, you may follow the instructions for Retail, which allows.
  • How much does an EDDM® postcard cost? The cost per postcard depends on the size, quantity, and paper type. Cardstock is the most affordable at 56¢ each for 250 postcards. Cardstock uncoated on both sides costs 61¢ for the same quantity.

The U.S.Postal Service has proposed changes to the price of postage, which would gointo effect on January 26, 2020 if approved. Overall, prices for marketing mailwould increase a fairly modest 1.9 percent, which would be the lowest increasein three years. In most cases, the increases are a fraction of one cent.

Overall postageincreases for marketing mail by category are as follows:

  • Letters: 2.0 percent
  • Flats: 3.9 percent
  • Carrier Route Letters, Flats, and Parcels: 1.1 percent
  • High Density/Saturation Letters: 1.4 percent
  • High Density/Saturation Flats and Parcels: 0.9 percent
  • Parcels: 3.9 percent
  • EDDM-Retail: 2.1 percent

Proposedchanges to USPS Marketing Mail Commercial Original Prices are as follows:

Letters (5-DigitAuto Letters entered at Origin)

  • Current: $0.256
  • $0.259 (1.17 percentincrease)

Flats (5-DigitAuto Flats entered at Origin)

  • Current: $0.405
  • Proposed: $0.418 (3.21 percent increase)

Proposedchanges to USPS Marketing Mail Nonprofit Origin Prices are as follows:


Letters(5-Digit Auto Letters entered at Origin)

  • Current: $0.138
  • Proposed: $0.138 (no increase)

Flats(5-Digit Auto Flats entered at Origin)

  • Current: $0.231
  • Proposed: $0.240 (3.90 percentincrease)

Pricing forperiodicals mailed inside the country will increase 1.46 percent, while pricesfor periodicals mailed outside the country will increase 1.92 percent. Most larger-circulation publicationswill pay 1-4 percent more in postage, while postage for larger nonprofitpublications will increase 0.8-1.8 percent. Smaller-circulation publicationsmay see above-average increases due to less presorting, lighter-weight pieces,and a higher percentage of nonmachinable pieces.

Postage forFirst Class Mail letters, flats, international letters, and postcards will notincrease in 2020, but domestic Priority Mail Retail Flat-Rate prices areexpected to increase approximately 5-6 percent.

Proposed changesto First-Class Mail Commercial prices are as follows:

Eddm Postage Cost

5-DigitAutomation Letters

  • Current: $0.383
  • Proposed: $0.391 (2.1 percentincrease)

5-DigitAutomation Flats*

  • Current: $0.636
  • Proposed: $0.630 (0.9 percent DECREASE)

* Note:Flats are priced at 2 ounces.

Learn more about proposed USPS pricing here and download our free 2020 rate sheet here.

Eddm Mailing

The USPSpoints out that its letter mail postage rates are among the lowest in theindustrialized world and, unlike its competitors, surcharges aren’t added forfuel, residential delivery, regular Saturday delivery, or holiday seasondelivery. However, a price increase is a price increase. You have to account for cost in yourmarketing.

Organizationslooking to take advantage of the impact and high response rates of direct mailshould partner with a print and direct mail marketing provider that knows howto format mailings and execute campaigns in a way that maximizescost-efficiency.

We can helpyou optimize every component of your direct mail campaigns, from maintainingyour mail list, to integrating direct mail with your digital marketing efforts,to tracking the results. Contact us to unleash the power of Digital Dog Direct.

Every Door Direct Mail and EDDM Retail — Dimensions and Physical Standards for Standard Flat Mailpieces

Standard Mail® flats are the only type of mailpiece that can be used with Every Door Direct Mail™ (EDDM) Retail, and also are one of the more popular mailpieces used with EDDM entered through Business Mail Entry Units (BMEUs).

When deciding whether flats conform to mailing stan­dards, keep in mind that the length of a flat-size mailpiece is its longest dimension and the height is the dimension perpendicular to its length. The following criteria can be used to determine eligibility of flat-sized mailpieces:

n Rectangular with four square corners or finished cor­ners that do not exceed a radius of 1/8 inch (see Domestic Mail Manual (DMM®) 301.1.1).

Usps Periodical Postage Rates

Eddm mailing

n One of the following: more than 11.5 inches long, more than 6 1/8 inches high, or more than 1/4 inch thick (see DMM 301.1.1).(Note: If an 8 1/2 x 11 piece is folded in half, the final dimensions would not be a flat-sized piece.)

n Not more than15 inches long, 12 inches high, or 3/4 inch thick (see DMM 301.1.1).

n Orientation of the address does not matter, i.e., whether the address is applied parallel to the long or short side of the piece. However, the address must be in the top half of the piece (see DMM 302.2.0).

For more information, go to www.usps.com/everydoordirectmail
or refer to DMM 301.1, Commercial Flats: Physical Standards for Flats, and DMM 601.1, Mail­ability: General Standards.

Eddm Postcard Printing

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