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The emergence of Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) gave direct mail marketing a boost in the right direction. Instead of buying lists and targeting specific demographics, companies can now easily and inexpensively send their EDDM mailing to entire neighborhoods or geographical areas.

In a mostly digital advertising world, it’s easy to forget that tried-and-true methods like direct mail can still be effective. Studies have shown that 79% of consumers will act on a piece of direct mail as soon as they get it, and 56% of those surveyed admitted they trust printed material more than other media channels.

While there is no magic formula that will give your EDDM mailing guaranteed success, there are a few facts you should know that can help you craft your EDDM mailing strategy:

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4 Facts You Should Know Before Sending an EDDM Mailing

1. More people read postcards than sales letters.

Are you debating on whether to send a letter or a postcard? A direct mail study illustrates the clear choice: more than half the people surveyed found postcards to be useful, making them the preferred type of direct mail. The United States Postal Service indicates that 98% of delivered mail ends up in the consumer’s house the same day; 77% of that mail is sorted and reviewed, and 47% is actually opened. Sending a postcard can increase the chance your recipient will see the message since there’s no need to open it.

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2. Over-sized mailers receive the best response rates.

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Less is more when it comes to general marketing, but when it comes to EDDM mailings, bigger is better. If you want your material to outshine the other mailbox filler, opt for an over-sized postcard or envelope. According to a study conducted by the Direct Marketing Association, large postcards received a 4.25% response rate, while large envelopes earned a 5.0% response.

3. EDDM yields a lower cost-per-lead than other marketing methods.

Since there is no mailing list to buy, postcards cost little to print, and postage is as little as 16 cents per piece. EDDM mailings make an inexpensive alternative to traditional marketing options. When you calculate the cost per lead for EDDM versus other channels, you may find your cost per lead is several dollars less.

Consider using those savings to invest in professional design work, larger postcard size, or higher quality cardstock that will boost your mailer’s visibility.

4. It takes at least 7 impressions for people to recognize your brand.

If you want people to recognize your brand, it won’t happen overnight. Experts suggest that it takes at least 7 impressions in an 18-month span for prospects to start remembering your company, but it may take many more impressions to convince them to buy. Knowing this, you may want to consider targeting the same mail route multiple times, rather than targeting multiple routes only once or twice.

In targeting the same route, you can perform A/B testing with different postcards or other pieces to see which ones deliver the best response rate. Experiment with color, images, design, and size, and make sure to measure your results.


Overall, EDDM mailing makes a cost-effective solution to target customers in a particular geographic range. But if you want to get the most out of your EDDM campaign, take care to treat your mailing’s appearance with as much regard as the content itself. It could make the difference between being “junk” mail and “just what they needed” mail.

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