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BOM (Bake On Mesh) comes to solve a serious performance problem.
I am really excited about this new update, this will allow to create much more complex avatars with acceptable performance. This saving is because I do not need to divide the body into 50 parts of 8 materials each to generate the alpha system, and of course I do not need to have the body in triplicate to have the layers of skin, tattoo and underwear. What was being an avatar with over 200 independent objects more hands and feet parts with a brutal performance cost, in addition to handling all these objects with heavy scripts, the problems derived from alpha masking and a huge amount of limitations. I think this update has been well received by the entire Second Life community.
How does it work?
The mechanism is quite simple, you only need to apply an 'Internal Texture' on a mesh, and it will acquire all textures of the second life system. There is an Internal Texture for each body part, more exactly:
Problems I find when updating my body to 'bake on mesh'.
At the moment I have provided an applicator that converts the skin layer into a bake on mesh layer. Thus we have a hybrid between the onion avatar and BOM. In this way people can still use appliers and BOM simultaneously. Functionally it is correct, but we continue with an onion body with a bad performance and alpha masking problems.
To solve this I need to create an avatar thinking in BOM. You can continue using Omega applicators but with certain logical restrictions.
I understand that there must be a transition that will last a while between creators stop creating applicators focusing on using the Second Life layer system and people forgetting their old aplliers to focus on new ones:
First problem I find is that I do not want to lose body functionalities, I do not want to lose the layer of clothes, this layer that is a little separated from the body that makes the t-shirt or pantyhose effect. But I have the problem that if I use the texture of the UPPER system, the neckline will look like the flat chest applied on this layer, such that:

Ebody Second Life
  • Mar 30, 2021 Moonlight will be a month old soon. She has had a full life already and has a closet filled with nice things. The month ends with a quick tour of some eBody free wearables from the Marketplace for those with a few coins in the pockets.
  • Second Life Marketplace - ebody 84024 matching items found. You may be able to see more items after you log in or join Second Life.
  • Nov 07, 2020 I am pleased to introduce the new ABAR eBODY CURVY less compatible with classic sl clothes but more beauty and detailed, for the people love the curves. Feet compatible with Slink Shoes.

Apr 08, 2020 If the icon looks like a golden cube that - when added - puts a HUD on screen that you click to apply the tights, and if clearing and resetting all of the layers didn't work then you may need to get a redelivery of the body from the eBody store and use the new copy.

An applicator could be used on this layer leaving it out of Bake On Mesh, but we still have the same alpha masking problems. The most logical solution is found in the textures of the AUX1, AUX2 and AUX3 system. They can be used for NAILS, and for CLOTHES LAYER. Its configuration is easy, you just have to create a Universal and apply on any of the AUX:

Free second life head
Of course, the body must have the texture of the corresponding AUX system applied. And the result is such that:

I hope you like my ideas and it would be very necessary to receive your feedback for this next BOM update!

I recently got my first mesh body. My motivation was this blog – when I compared my pictures to those of other Second Life bloggers and Flickr users, I could see that my system body put me at a disadvantage.

So, I set about researching the available options. Over at the excellent blog Mesh Body Addicts, she reviews many of the popular mesh bodies for male and female avatars. That is where I started and where I would suggest others start as well. After all of my research, I selected the eBody V.2 by ABAR

And mesh does make a difference. Check out how much better the eBody looks compared to the system body even just sitting in a chair! So much less distortion. I do have to admit that I miss my cleavage add-on for my system body. No amount of adjusting created quite the same effect. I’ll be on the lookout for a mesh solution.

Ebody Second LifeFree

The biggest reason I decided on the eBody was because the feet are Slink shoes ready. Now, many bodies are Slink-compatible, but you still need to change your feet, match up the skin and the blender, deal with stockings or no stockings etc. While I love my Slink shoes I always found the process frustrating. With the eBody it is simple – choose the classic fit feet, select the height and you are ready to put on your shoes. Also included is a set of fitmesh feet in high, medium and flat.

As you can see, the eBody feet are an enormous improvement over the system feet. Nail color can be controlled via the HUD. Both hands and feet are changed as one. Using the HUD you cannot have one color on your fingernails and another on your toenails. That really wasn’t a negative for me. eBody is Omega compatible, so perhaps with applier nail colors you can mix it up.

Here is the tab of the HUD that handles the hand, feet and neck options. It is very well-laid out and easy to use. There are 3 nail lengths, 9 natural nail options, and 24 color options. You can see the options for high, medium and flat feet and also toggles that turn on or off the sock, tattoo and nail layers.


Matching the neck width to my system head was simple, with plenty of options and the “Fix Neck” blender. The hands can be open or closed, and can be controlled separately.

As with the feet, the hands are quite an improvement over the system hands. The fingers are slender and graceful and the veins on the back are a life-like touch. The nails are also lovely, with the natural nails even showing moons at the base. My only criticism here is that the wrist could be a little more realistic. Most people have an indent on either side of their wrist.

Moving onto the HUD Skin tab, you can see that the eBody comes with 12 mesh skin options. It also includes matching system skins, both with and without eyebrows, if you choose to keep your system head as I did. Unfortunately, my head has baked-on eyebrows, so I was unable to take advantage of the included skins. That is where the RBG options and the slider come in very handy! It took some time, but I was able to get a good match.

There are three layers for clothing, Tattoo, Underwear, and Clothes, with masking options by the layer and On/Off toggles individually. If you are new to mesh worn with appliers, these show up directly on your body, you can’t “detach” these clothing layers like you can with fitmesh or prim clothing. Instead, you can turn the layers on and off here individually with the toggles or remove all at once using the “Reset Layers” option.

In the presets tab you can save up to 12 custom Skin options and 12 Outfits & Alphas options. I wish there was a way to note which outfit was which, but it is easy enough to click through if you have a swiss-cheese memory like me.

Another selling-point of the eBody is that it is very close to standard system sizes and it is modeled on the Second Life skeleton. That means you may still be able to wear several of your favorite non-mesh outfits! That is where the really great alpha cuts really become important. With mesh bodies we can’t simply use the alpha layer included with the clothes to keep skin from peeking out where it shouldn’t. That alpha layer is what is hiding our system body! So instead, we make our own “alphas” with the available options in the body HUD. eBody has not one, but two tabs of alpha cut options.

The first is the “Alpha Thick” tab. Perfect for jeans, long skirts or anything that covers large portions of your body. This is a real time-saver and far less finicky than clicking every little portion.

And then there is the “Alpha Fine” tab. It really is one of the best out there for the high number and excellent positioning of alpha cuts.

Ebody Curvy Second Life

Overall, the eBody is a good choice and more affordable than the majority of mesh bodies at 2,500L. But as much as I like the body, I can’t recommend it without reservations. The big issue is that the majority of top designers are doing very few new items with Omega appliers. It was incredibly frustrating trying to find truly high quality clothes with Omega appliers. There are exceptions, of course. The cute corset and jeans in top picture are group gifts from [email protected] and lingerie is surprisingly easy to find.

Second Life Marketplace

But there also seems to be an issue with the Omega appliers and how it handles skirts. As you can see here:

Second Life Free Bom Skins

Usually skirts are handled with fitmesh or body-specific mesh instead of appliers, but the Omegas I have come across have just used straight appliers. That means skirts become shorts and anything that wouldn’t touch your body won’t be included.

I have heard rumors that it has been or will be fixed, but I haven’t found a fix anywhere. Until I see the fix, I have moved on to a new body, but that is the subject of another post…