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Earn2Life.com HUD v5.62 My game store is down so putting the hud on marketplace instead. Watch video on how to use this hud: https://www.you. A list of online games for Linux, MMO's first, then FPS's, then some odds and ends of online games ^^ Give the whole page a go, i assure you even Teeworlds rocks! Linux MMORPG's Afterworld A furturistic MMO, still in development. Check out thier FAQ and it says thier hoping to make a native linux.

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Earn2Life.com Web Offers is the proven fastest way to earn L$! Complete surveys and earn up to L$350 per offer. No software required! Pay4Visit offers. Earn up to L$30 per visit! Visit places in Second Life, stay there for a while and earn money! Earn2Life.com official group Earn2Life.com is the Second Life money-making service. Visit places, complete web surveys and get paid! Free lindens and freebies for all residents of Second Life. Earn2Life.com office: DuoLife (56, 57, 34) GROUP RULES: 1) Forbidden to advertise without permission 2) Forbidden to abuse other group members, E2L staff or E2L services 3) This group is to discuss E2L. Earn2Life is here to give residents of the Second Life the opportunity to earn money on the internet. The Second Life universe is constantly growing, and having a reliable source of the income is just as important there as it is in your real life.

I’ve listed a summary of where you can get free lindens in Second Life without camping for long hours, no escort service needed and most of all, no need to get a boring job. (I don’t like women or even guys pretending women, be so desperate on earning lindens and end up doing escort service because they have no choice when you can earn the same amount of linden dollars without doing that.)

Everything in this list is what I’ve seen effective and easy base on my personal experience.

First Opinions Panel

First Opinions Panel is a non-profit organization thet gives 500L$ to 1000L$ per survey or research that you’ll answer. I’ve been earning more than 1000L$ every month just for filling 2 to 4 surveys they release every month. Personally, First Opinions Panel is the very reason why Chino Yalin (my character in-world) looks very realistic, handsome and have different sets of clothes and hair for different occassions.



Earn2Life offer surveys and just forms to fill-up that you can do for just 2 minutes each and gives you from 17L$ to 90L$ EACH! At Earn2Life you earn money by completing free offers. These offers will be to sign up with various companies online. You are only to sign up with those that you are really interested in. You will get paid L$20 – L$100 depending on which country you are from and your membership level for every offer you take.

World Stock Exchange

This is my main source of Linden dollars and my main source of REAL dollars (US $). WSE is a securities exchange with a fully integrated banking system based in the virtual world of Second Life. The WSE enables companies to raise capital while providing opportunities for investors to build their wealth and providing buyers and sellers with the ability to transact with confidence.


Sandy Holmer is giving away free lindens (100L$) for every person who will answer her “question of the month” which is just asking for your opinion on a certain topic. The question is changed every month which means you are guaranteed a 100L$ for your opinion on different matters each month.


Note: this summary will be updated everytime I see an offering and a network or research panel that won’t get too much time for you. This list will be constantly updated at this page.

Linux Online Games

A list of online games for Linux, MMO’s first, then FPS’s, then some odds and ends of online games ^^ Give the whole page a go, i assure you even Teeworlds rocks!

Linux MMORPG’s

A furturistic MMO, still in development. Check out thier FAQ and it says thier hoping to make a native linux client.

A fantasy MMO, havent played it yet. The forum looks a little quiet. In its defence its still Beta. Thanks to Jo for the suggetion! ^^

A Tale in the Desert
A non violent game, filled with puzzles. Very good for those that like flexing thier mental muscle.

Space based MMO

A very cute fantasy game in which players battle monsters and collect resources to create magic items.

Eternal Lands
Friendly game i havent spent enough time in. Its been about scince 2003, and is a very nice game to drift in.

A futuristic game in which players fly space ships. You can be a merchant or a pirate. Very PvP game. If you dont like fighting other players dont try this game ^^ . Doesnt work with ATI cards.

A fantasy MMO with 12 races to choose from. Its nice to have choice isnt it ^^

Regnum Online
Regnum Online is a MMORPG inviting you to play for free with no level or time restrictions. All that is required is that you fight for your realm.

Very heavily populated fantasy MMO. Largley free. You can bash monsters or go fishing. Very small download. Java based game.

Second Life
Second life allows people to live in a world online. Sounds boring right? Oddly its not. Takes a bit of getting into but lots of things to do. Good for social people.


It aint pretty, but it does seem to have 30k+ people logged on all the time. Its gotta have something good about it ^^

Similar to EVE. Works with ATI cards though.

Java based fantasy game, enjoyable swords & sorcery game.

Yohoho Puzzle Pirates
A game worth playing for the community! Its a MMO with pirates, where differences are settled with puzzle games! Great fun!


Linux Online First Person Shooters

Heres a list of good online FPS’s for Linux

Alien Arena
Aliens blastin the snot out of each other. Sharp graphics and mad fun ^^

Second Life Free Money

The best Doom game, theres a good reason this got a few 10 out of 10’s in reviews. A welcome port!

Enemy Territory: Castle Wolfenstein
Classic FPS set during World War II.

Enemy Territory: Return to Castle Wolfenstein
The sequel to above.

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
If you’ve not heard of Quake, you’ve been living in a cave ^^ Another fantastic game in the Enemy territory series.

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
MoH simulates infantry combat in the European and North African Theaters during World War II

Brilliant free arena based FPS, found in the Ubuntu repos.

Earn2life Second Life

A rocking game of Cherokee VS Aliens

Play as human or beast in this FPS / RTS battle to the death!

Savage 2
The sequel to the much loved Savage.

Aliens vs Humans in an RTS / FPS arena like game

Urban Terror
Reminds me so much of Counter Strike ^^

Linux Miscelenious Online Games

A barmy retro bash, always always lots of people online playing this game!

A mad cap fighting game where you design the moves and fight folk from around the world.

An online poker gamer playable against opponenets around the world.