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Duplicate photos on your Windows or Mac computer can be a nightmare. They accumulate over time and make your gallery and albums really disorganized. But the worst part is that duplicate images waste precious disk space and affect computer performance. If your PC or Mac is bogged down with duplicate photos, you'll start getting the following problems:

  • Your computer will start running low on disk space
  • Antivirus and antimalware scans will take a lot longer
  • Cloud backup will take ages and you'll begin running out of space
  • Syncing your photos across different devices will last forever and use up a lot of bandwidth

That's why it's so important to sweep through your albums (including the dreaded 'Unsorted' folder) and remove duplicate photos on a regular basis.

  1. Duplicate Photo Cleaner – Find Duplicate Photos with Ease. Desktop Applications. Easy File Shredder – Delete Files Securely. Desktop Applications. FileCleaner – Powerful and Fast PC Cleanup. Desktop Applications. FastMove – Effortless Data Migration. Desktop Applications.
  2. Duplicate Photo Cleaner is an advanced duplicate/similar images finder that is ideal for professional and amateur photographers, as well as anyone else with a large photos gallery to manage. Unlike regular duplicate file finding tools, it is able to quickly compare photos based on their appearance (that is, it can not only look for exact.

Data quality management solution for homes and corporate networks which helps with finding duplicate files, viewing photos, assistant selection and more. Duplicate File Finder Pricing Overview Duplicate File Finder pricing starts at $29.95 as a flat rate, per year. $14.99 Original price was $14.99, current price $9.99 $9.99. Duplicate Photo Cleaner views your photos as you do, making it easier to find duplicates, across multiple file formats and sizes. It also finds similar photos that may have been edited, or are part of a photo sequence. Duplicate Photo Cleaner Prices A free version of Duplicate Photo Cleaner allows you to delete up to ten duplicate groups of photos. To remove this limitation, purchase the full version for $39.95 (for one PC). By paying an additional $9.95, you get 2 years of free updates.

Duplicate Photo Cleaner Price

Duplicate Photo Cleaner will find duplicate photos on your Windows PC and Mac. Better still, it will detect similar photos and help you manage your gallery and albums the easy way.

Duplicate Photo Cleaner Scan Modes & Functionality

Duplicate Photo Cleaner is the most advanced duplicate photo finder for Windows and Mac. It has 9 scan modes that can find and delete duplicate photos from all kinds of locations, including Mac Photos and professional software. The scan modes are:

  • Standard Scan - this scan mode compares images just like a human would. It can detect duplicate and similar photos in any folder on your computer.
  • Same Subject Scan - quickly find and manage photos of the same subject. Perfect for your 'Unsorted' folder.
  • Sector Details Scan - compare photos by an element found in a source image. Ideal for professional and amateur photographers managing their gallery.
  • Folder Comparison - choose a source folder and compare images against the photos in it. This scan mode is great for merging backups and deleting duplicate photos from external media.
  • Photos Scan (Mac) - find and delete duplicate photos from the Photos app on your Mac.
  • iPhoto Scan - for Mac users who haven't upgraded their OS X.
  • Lightroom Scan - quickly clean up duplicates from your Adobe Lightroom catalog.
  • Picasa Scan - remove duplicate images from Picasa.
  • Corel Paint Pro Scan - this scan mode was designed for Corel users to help them tidy up their albums.

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Duplicate Photo Cleaner Price

How to Find Duplicate and Similar Photos & Delete Them with Duplicate Photo Cleaner

How To Clean Duplicate Photos

  1. Download Duplicate Photo Cleaner for Windows or for Mac, then install the app.
  2. Select the Standard0andard Scan mode from the scan modes drop-down menu.
  3. Add the folders you want to scan to the 'Include to scan' area. You can either drag & drop them, or browse to the folders.
  4. Run the scan (don't forget to grab a cup of coffee if you've added a lot of folders).
  5. Review the results using0ing one of the handy view modes: the Multiviewer, the Table View, or the Tree View.
  6. Select and remove duplicate0licate and similar photos in one click. Use the bulk selection options to smartly select low-quality and duplicate shots, then click on the Delete button to move them to Trash.

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