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He started working on Mailbox his junior year at Duke and Mailbox joined Dropbox shortly before graduation. At Duke, Adam, along with a Duke professor, created a digital textbook used by the Nicholas School and universities and high schools around the world. Adam is from Palo Alto, CA and graduated from Duke with a BS in Computer Science in 2013. Access Duke's robust wireless and wired data network throughout the university. Use VPN to connect from off-campus or Eduroam to connect all over the globe. Printers and Labs. Get work done with printing and labs. OIT has dozens of ePrint locations, plus physical and virtual computer labs across campus. Make your next big project amazing with.

Have you ever tried to use Dropbox for sharing code with collaborators on a project, but accidentally deleted someone else’s work? Ever wished you could undo that “improvement” you made to your program four days ago that you now realize breaks your code? Whether you’re working with others, or are coding on your own, using a version control system can make development a much more sane and enjoyable process, while facilitating team development and code sharing. Armed some essential Git commands that you’ll learn in this course, you’ll worry less and code more. We’ll focus on basic usage of OIT’s GitLab repository management system, but the techniques will be applicable to GitHub or other git-based version control systems. You don’t need to be an expert, but to get the most out of this course you should have some small level of familiarity with using a terminal to enter command-line instructions on Linux, Mac or Windows.
Danai Adkisson Innovation Co-Lab Developer & Instructor
This class will be hosted via Zoom. You will receive an email with the Zoom link a day before the class. Attendance will be taken and the session will be recorded.

Sometimes you just want a way to collect a bunch of files all in one place – quickly and easily. A new tool called ‘drop.io’ aims to be the “simplest way to share files online”.

Here’s how it works:
Go to the drop.io homepage (https://drop.io/). You’ll find a simple and quick set of options.

For example, I named my drop “drop.io/cittest”. I added a bunch of random files (workshop handouts, video, etc…drop.io provides up to 1 Gig of space free of charge and accepts payments to increase space), and chose to allow others to ‘View and Add’. If I wanted to truly keep this dropbox more ‘private’, I would have also chose a ‘Guest password’, so that people going to my drop.io/cittest URL would have to know the password to access the files.


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After completing the initial setup, I can either email my dropbox address to others I want to share it with, or I can go to my drop.io page, and look at some of the other options for sharing that drop.io has up its sleeve.

Duke Box

Things to notice: I can add ‘notes’ to better explain files or provide more details. I can also add links to websites, and move the windows around (up/down). If I click on the video or PDF file, drop.io will show me a preview of each BEFORE I choose to download it.

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Duke Dropbox

On the right, I have a set of options under ‘Share’. This is where I can set up drop.io to tip me off when a new file has been added. I can set up my Twitter account, my mobile phone (SMS), or even get an email when a new file is added. Other users can also ‘subscribe’ to these alerts, letting everyone I’m working with know when a new file has been added, in various ways.

The last neat trick is one that can come in really handy if you have your own blog or website (or even access to adding some small HTML in Blackboard, for that matter). By clicking the ‘More’ button, I get more options – the best of which is the ‘Upload Widget’.

By copying the ‘Embed code’ and plopping it into the HTML of any webpage, blog or web document, I can add a quick dropbox like the one below. Feel free to give this a try. Just click ‘add files’ and upload a (please, relatively small!) file.

For more about setting up a drop.io account, check out the ‘How To’ movie on the drop.io site.