Dropbox Windows 10

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Dropbox Windows 10

The Dropbox desktop app for Linux computers

Essential requirements for Linux

Reinstall Dropbox Windows 10

Dropbox Windows 10

Dropbox Windows 10 64 Bit

If you’re computer is running Linux, and you want to run the Dropbox app, you need to use:

Dropbox is less expensive for individuals — $10/month gets you 2TB of storage, while a personal Box plan for $10 only offers 100GB of storage. But Box can be less expensive for businesses. While Dropbox is a useful way to store files remotely in the cloud, it can be more convenient if you install it into your Windows 10 computer. By installing its app onto your notebook, you can.

Download Dropbox 110.4.458 for Windows. Fast downloads of the latest free software! MIT has increased Dropbox default storage quotas to 10 TB for MIT faculty, lecturers, and Spring 2020 teaching assistants and to 500 GB for all others at no charge. In response to requests by community members, these quota increases were made to better facilitate remote learning, working, and collaboration.

  • Ubuntu 14.04 or later
  • Fedora 21 or later
  • Glibc 2.19 or later
  • The latest Dropbox app for Linux
  • A Dropbox folder on a hard drive or partition formatted with one the following file system types:
    • ext4
    • zfs (on 64-bit systems only)
    • eCryptFS (back by ext4)
    • xfs (on 64-bit systems only)
    • btrfs


  • If your device doesn’t meet the operating system requirements, you may still be able to use the Dropbox desktop application, but results may vary.
  • If you experience an issue and contact Dropbox support without the correct system requirements for Linux, you will be asked to use the correct system requirements.
  • Dropbox doesn’t support ARM processors for Linux.

The full Dropbox app on Linux

In addition, if you’d like to get the full Dropbox desktop app, you need to use:

  • A computer capable of running the required operating system, and one of the following desktop environments:
    • GNOME shell (may need the TopIcons extension to get the tray icon)
    • Unity
    • GNOME Classic
    • XFCE with the corresponding Nautilus dependencies
  • These additional requirements, when applicable:
    • GTK 2.24 or later
    • Glib 2.40 or later
    • Libappindicator 12.10 or later
    • Nautilus 3.10.1 or later

Dropbox Windows 10 Installer

The headless Dropbox app on Linux

Download Dropbox Windows 10

If you’d like to run the Dropbox app “headless” (using the command line only), you only need the Dropbox app essential requirements. Then you can install the app and use the Linux Command Line Interface (CLI) to control the desktop app.