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Dropbox Transfer lets you easily and securely hand off large files or collections of files, and confirm delivery. Try Dropbox Transfer free. Request Files for Dropbox via Email Have you ever struggled with emails filled with 8Mb Tiff files from colleagues that didn’t know about Dropbox? When you need files from someone who only understands email, or just want a quick way for anyone to send you a file you need via Dropbox, AirDropper is a great service that can bridge the gap.

This Phishing scams pretents to be a Dropbox file transfer

Dropbox Transfer Email

Email From Dropbox Transfer

Here is what the email looks like...


Action: Do not click on any link in the email. Delete it immediately.

Transfer Emails To Dropbox

This purpose of this email is to attempt to steal your Office 365 login details.

Here is how the phishing scam works...

If you click a link in the email you will be taken to a fake Dropbox page that looks something like this...

Then if you click the Download button it will take you to a fake Office 365 page something like this...

If you click Access Document you will be prompted for your Office 365 username and password. This is the moment the scammers steal your account details!

Dropbox Transfer Cost


Dropbox Send With Transfer

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Dropbox Email Hack

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