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Team folders help everyone store and organize work in one location, making it easy to find what you need, when you need it. Files in sync, everywhere. When you update a file in the Dropbox team folder on your desktop, it automatically updates on your phone and tablet—and your teammates’ devices. Dropbox brings everything—traditional files, cloud content, and web shortcuts—together in one place. Streamline remote work Dropbox centralizes your team’s content and tools—whether you’re working across the globe or from your couches. How to rename a team folder On a Dropbox Business team, admins can rename team folders in the team folder manager: Sign in to dropbox.com using your admin credentials. Oct 06, 2020 A Dropbox team folder allows data storage separate from one's personal UO Dropbox account. A team folder will appear in the Dropbox account of each member of the associated group.

This article addresses frequently-asked questions from Dropbox Business team admins. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, you can sign up for a free, online Dropbox training with a live instructor.

If you’re a team member or have a Basic, Professional, or Plus account, check out our FAQs for individual accounts.

What’s the difference between a team folder and a shared folder?

A shared folder is a folder that can be created by anyone to share files.

Dropbox Personal Vs Business

A team folder can only be created by a Dropbox Business Team admin, who can also create subfolders within the team folder and choose which members have access to each.

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If I already have a regular folder, can I change it to a team folder?

No, only a Dropbox Business team admin can create a team folder.

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How does remote wipe work when suspending or deleting members from Dropbox?

Suspended team members immediately lose access to their Dropbox Business account, including all files, folders, and Paper docs. When a team admin suspends a member, they have the option to delete that member’s files from any devices they may have linked to Dropbox.

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Once I invite members into my group, how do I change them to view-only access?

To limit a group member's access, you can remove them from the group and then invite them as an individual shared folder member with 'can view' access. Or, invite each member individually to set distinct view or edit permissions for each member.

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Dropbox team folder conflict

Can one team admin delete or change another team admin's role?

It depends on what kind of team you’re on. Admins on an Advanced or Enterprise Dropbox Business team can have either global permissions, which allow them to delete or change another team admin’s role, or a more limited set of permissions.

On a Standard team, all admins have the same permissions and can delete or change another admin’s role.

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Why might a team admin not see the option to restore a team member?

There are a few reasons why a team admin may not see the option to restore a team member:

  • The member was deleted more than seven days ago. After seven days, an admin can use account transfer to transfer files to a new team member account
  • An admin already used account transfer on the deleted member's account
  • An admin chose to permanently delete the member
  • The member was restored by Dropbox Support
  • The member was invited, but never actually joined your team
  • The member was deleted by an app that uses the first version of the Dropbox API

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Can activity reports be automated?

No, activity reports cannot be automated.


Dropbox Team Folder Tutorial

Is it possible to clear the activity log? Does the activity log clear for a member after he or she is deleted?

No, the activity log cannot be cleared. A member’s activity will remain in the activity log, but the email of the deleted member may be removed once the account is deleted.

How long does it take for a member to be suspended or deleted?

Suspensions and deletions take effect immediately.

The Dropbox API enforces rate limits on the number of API calls issued over a period of time on a per-authorization (token) basis

  • For user-links, rate limits apply per user who has linked your app. Multiple apps that a user may have linked don’t contribute to each other’s rate limiting.
  • For team-links, rate limits apply per team when calling Business Endpoints. If your team-linked app is calling User Endpoints on behalf of team members with Dropbox-API-Select-User, the rate limits apply per team member.

If your application experiences a rate limit, the API call will return an HTTP 429 error, returning the reason of too_many_requests (in JSON, or plaintext - per the Content-Type HTTP header).


Rate limited responses always include a Retry-After header that provides the limit in seconds that your app would need to wait before retrying to ensure a successful response.

Rate limited requests themselves also count towards rate limits, and thus rapid retry loops without pause or respecting this header will be counter-productive.

While Dropbox does not publish exact rate limits, these limits are not designed to inhibit normal applications. Your application should handle 429 errors as described. If your application receives excessive rate limit responses, it may suggest inefficient call patterns that should be optimized.

Data Transport Limit

Also, note that certain Dropbox Business plans are also subject to a special kind of rate limiting for /files/upload calls. For more information, see the Data transport limit page.