Dropbox Starred Files

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Starred files and folders. Access starred files and folders. Mobile and web integrations enable employees to access, edit, and share their Microsoft Office files in Dropbox anytime, on any device Dropbox for Google Workspace (Docs, Sheets, Slides) Create, organize, and share Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides directly from Dropbox. Here you'll be shown the recent files you've updated or created on Dropbox. You can access additional options from the icons at the bottom. Home - Shows your recent and Starred items, the default view. Files - Shows all the files you have stored in Dropbox. Create - Creates a new document directly on Dropbox. For newcomers to storage systems with limited experience, scarce funds, and little file content, Google Drive is the best option to try out as it has a free version with a lot more perks than Dropbox.

There are two ways to remove a shared folder from your Dropbox account:

  • Temporarily remove the folder (with the option to add it back later)
  • Permanently remove the folder

Temporarily remove a folder (with the option to add it back later)

  1. Click All filesin the left sidebar.
  2. Hover over the name of the folder you’d like to remove and click '...' (ellipsis).
  3. Click Delete.
Dropbox Starred Files

Permanently remove a folder

  1. Click All files in the left sidebar.
  2. Hover over the name of the folder you'd like to permanently remove and click the share icon (person).
  3. Click [x] people have access.
  4. Click the dropdown next to your name.
  5. Click Remove my access.

If you remove a folder accidentally, you will need to ask the owner of the shared folder to invite you again.

What if I'm not seeing the shared folder options window?

If the shared folder options window fails to pop up in your browser, you may be experiencing an issue caused by a third party browser extension or add-on (such as a pop-up or ad blocker).

If this happens, temporarily disable any browser extensions or add-ons that are running. Once you remove a shared folder or update other settings you can re-enable these browser extensions.

Dropbox Starred Files -


Dropbox Starred Files

If you'd like to continue using the extension, you may be able to create an exception for Dropbox, or whitelist https://www.dropbox.com. However, note that not all extensions support this functionality.