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Looking to purchase a Dropbox plan? Compare the features & pricing of our Plus, Family, & Professional + eSign services to decide which is the best fit for you. More space and features to help you deliver your best work. Includes the ability to add and request legally binding signatures on documents. We show you how to use the friend invitation system to extend your basic Dropbox account without additional subscriptions or payments.

Are you running out of storage on Dropbox? Well, you’re at the right place! We help you get extra storage for your Dropbox and it is just couple of clicks away. The Dropbox referral service we provide is going to give you an extra 18GB of Dropbox storage, lifetime! Yes, 18GB! The process of this referral service is easy, couple of steps and you’re done!

Not only are these events quite informative but you get goodies like free Dropbox space so it doesn’t hurt to be in one of these events, right? Said That’s right, shared folders take up space in both the sender’s and the receiver’s storage. I volunteer with a charity that previously shared multiple folders in its Dropbox account with me. One of these is taking up 14GB of my storage and I no longer need access to it. I have tried un-se. Are you facing low storage space on Dropbox, then you can follow these steps to get some more Dropbox Free Space or storage space.

You can save hundreds of dollars just by sending some referrals to your referral link and claiming ton of space for lifetime!

Dropbox Referral Bonus gives away 500MB of storage on each completed signup using your unique referral link, therefore, a maximum referral allowance of 32 will get you a total 16GB of storage. A basic account of Dropbox upon signing up gives you 2GB. Therefore, you get a total of 18GB for lifetime.

Get Your Dropbox Referral Link

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The Referral Magic Is Done

To get extra 16GB of storage, you’ll have to give us your Dropbox referral link and we will make sure that you get all 32 referrals. In return, Dropbox provides additional 500MB of storage for each referral. Therefore, 32×500=16GB of storage.

It’s simple. It works when you give your Dropbox unique referral link, people signs up with your referral link and you get extra storage. You don’t have to work hard gathering the users willing to open an account on Dropbox with your link, we take care of it. You just have to place an order and we do the rest.

Yes, it is completely safe and it is not a spam. The Dropbox referral program is offered by Dropbox itself. We just bring people to sign up with your referral link to get you free storage. No, it will not stop working. Everything is done externally and we don’t need your Dropbox account access.

It is referral program where you can invite your friends to join Dropbox and get bonus of 500MB storage. Dropbox runs a very successful referral program.

Is The Storage For Lifetime? How Many GB of Storage Will I Get?

Yes, the storage will be for lifetime. Since, the referring limit set by Dropbox per person is 32, therefore, you get 32*500MB which is around 16GB of storage. The basic account already offers 2GB upon opening an account.

The Plus membership of Dropbox costs you $11.90/month and is recurring. If you’re the one looking for some storage space and 18GB is more than enough then this is the service for you. 18GB is for lifetime and it’s a great deal considering $11.9/month for unused storage. Basically, 2GB is not enough but 18GB is more than enough for many.

The Dropbox referral program allows you to invite a friend to Dropbox and get yourself a bonus of lifetime 500MB. The real struggle is to gather 32 friends (Dropbox Referral Program Limit) and make them sign up for Dropbox is pretty hard. Therefore, we are here with a service to help finish gathering your referral that gives you 16GB of permanent lifetime storage.

You probably already know, there are ton of other sellers out there. Why would buy from me ?

There is huge difference between speedy referrals and other services. I provide free sample before ordering full fledge service. i.e you get one referral for free. I doubt nobody else is doing this which makes my service trust worthy and real.

Login to your Dropbox and click on invite friend, copy your Unique Referral Link by clicking on “Copy Link” in between. This is the fundamental theme of dropbox. They allow you to invite friends to dropbox and earn free space if someone signs up using your referral link. This referral link is important for us to deliver the order. Make sure it is correct.

Once you get your unique dropbox referal link. You can either send it to your friends and family and ask them to signup using your link. But who has time to do it for you when you can hire some one overseas for few bucks ?

Dropbox Space Cost

Send your link to us and and we’ll do the rest.

Why you should use my service over the others ?

There are plenty of other sellers in the market. You might be wondering why you should use my service over the others ?

I assume you have pretty important documents in your dropbox folder and you don’t want to loose your account in anyway. That is the reason why you should use a trusted seller and someone who is doing this for years.

Even though, there is no risk of using dropbox referral service. Because everything I do is external. I won’t ask for your user ID and password which makes it pretty safe bet.

Free Dropbox Space

My service has been here for years and i have lot of satisfied costumers. if you are skeptical, read reviews of my previous costumers on my review page.


Dropbox Spaces Review

Dropbox is a cloud storage service provided by Dropbox Inc. Dropbox offers 2GB of free storage space to backup photos, videos, files and important documents. There are many ways to earn extra Dropbox space. Referring friends to Dropbox can help you earn a maximum of 16 GB space (i.e. 500MB per friend). iOS users can earn upto1GB space by linking Dropbox to the iOS Mailbox account. Connecting your Facebook and Dropbox account can bag you extra 125MB storage space. Whereas inviting friends to Dropbox with a tweet can earn you 125MB of free storage space. You can earn some extra space by sending feedback about your Dropbox experience. However, if you are looking for a bigger storage space, then you can upgrade your account to a paid plan. Their Paid plans are as follows.

  • 100GB space for $9.99/month
  • 200GB space for $19.99/month
  • 500GB space for $49.99/month.
  • If you need more than 500GB storage space then you can upgrade your account to a Business account.

You can install PicBackMan's Dropbox uploader for Mac from the website and start backing up photos and videos.