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  • O pening Dropbox.com, clicking Sign in, entering your CUNY Login cred entials in the Dropbox Sign in page and then entering your CUNY Login credentials agai n in the CUNY Web Applications L ogin page (requires entering CUNY Login twice) Can I use Dropbox on my cell phone or tablet?
  • Jan 04, 2016 The 'Remember Me' checkbox tells the Dropbox servers to add a cookie with an expiry date in the future to the browser response which allows it to recognise the user next time. It has nothing at all to do with showing the username and password on the login screen - that is 100% the browser, Dropbox has no control over it at all.

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Have you got the Blank Screen when wanted to start using Dropbox?

It is quite frustrating when you actually need to use Dropbox very seriously but can’t do that because of some software issues. Like me, you might have faced the same problem. Frankly, I have gone through some official forums in finding the solution, but none of the tips worked for me. So, I found the fix to Dropbox blank login screen issue, and you just need to replicate the same steps at your end to login into Dropbox.

Most of the users are facing the same thing when you try to authenticate Dropbox but get the blank page. I don’t know the cause of it, but you can fix it in few minutes. All you need to perform the following steps to avoid getting the blank sign in screen of Dropbox.

Solved: Dropbox Login Page Blank

Some users are reported that they are getting White Screen while setting up the Dropbox account instead of the Black screen. This fix is for both of them. By doing this, you can sync your Dropbox to the computer in case if you are getting the blank login screen.

Step 1: Firstly, open any web browser and log in to the Dropbox account like you usually do.


Sign Into Dropbox Basic

Step 2: Now download and install the desktop client by choosing the options menu at the right top corner.

Dropbox sign in page email

Step 3: Open the Dropbox from the system tray without closing the browser. You will now see the blank login screen.

Step 4: Again choose Dropbox icon in the system tray and close the blank screen that you got in step 3.

Dropbox Sign In PageSign

Dropbox Sign In Page Account

Step 5: Finally, all your files will get synced to the computer in the next second.

Dropbox Sign In To Account Login Page

In this way, you can fix the Dropbox blank login screen issue. Watch this video to understand the tutorial better.