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Sharing Using The Public Folder. Go into your computer’s Dropbox folder and you will find that there is a folder called Public. This is set up by default by Dropbox and it has special powers. In Windows Explorer or the Mac Finder, right click on any file in that folder. You’ll see a Dropbox submenu and one of the options will be “Copy. Double-click the user’s Public folder. If you don’t see a Public folder on the other Mac, make sure it has file sharing turned on. See Set up file sharing on Mac. Do any of the following: Drag files from the user’s Public folder to your computer. Drag files from your computer to the Drop Box in the user’s Public folder.

Questions are often raised about how secure Dropbox is? Well, I have been using Dropbox since last 3 years and I can tell you that during this time, I have no security breach in my account. I have seen people assuming that all those files that you store on your Dropbox account are available to Dropbox team but I highly doubt it. If there was any interference of Dropbox team in the files that you save in your account, someone must have got up with that issue on the blog sphere. So far, I have not found even a single person who says that his files were stolen from his Dropbox account. Yes, if you will not put up proper security on your account then someone can break into your folder and steal data just because of your own negligence. According to me and my experience, Dropbox is really a safe service and your data is in safe hands all the time.

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Let us take a look at what Dropbox has to say about their security policy and how they maintain privacy of your public folder?

According to the statement written on Dropbox website, they take security very seriously. Not only they implement latest technology and Engineering solutions to make sure that their services are secure but they have also got a dedicated security team that keeps an eye on security issues of Dropbox. They claim that the files that are stored on Dropbox server are completely secure and they also create backup of those files as well. So, if you ever lose any of your files, you can get them back by asking the Dropbox team. The account log is very important thing and they have made it secure by protecting it with multilayer security and two-step verification method.

It is quite clear that no other Dropbox user can have access or even see your files unless you share a link to the files with them or share a folder with them directly. Obviously, you are supposed to keep your password safe because Dropbox cannot guarantee about you giving your password away to someone.

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It is quite clearly written on Dropbox website that their employees are not allowed to have access to the content stored by their customers. All they can see is Meta data like the name of the files and dates of modification. Of course, there are a few employees just like any other company who can have access to your files but that is a rare exception and done only on the basis of security issues.

A common perception about Dropbox Public Folder is that, it is publicly available. Just because the name of the folder is Public folder, it doesn’t mean that anyone can have access to your account. The reason why a default Public folder is made in your Dropbox account is to let you store your public documents in that folder and share them with anyone you want. Keep in mind that the files in public folder are only available to you unless you share those files with other users.

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Dropbox Public Folder Url

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