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Applicable plans

How to cancel your Dropbox paid subscription. Open Dropbox in a browser and log into your account. Click the avatar for your account in the upper right corner of the window. Sign In to Your Account Email Address.

Virtual Surveyor can connect to a team Dropbox account, a personal Dropbox account or both. But what is the difference between a team and personal Dropbox account? And what is the difference between a personal and a team space in the Dropbox team accounts?

There are 2 types of accounts in Dropbox: personal accounts and team accounts. With personal accounts you only have a personal space. All your projects are in your personal space and you manage all access rights to your Virtual Surveyor projects yourself. With team accounts, you have, in addition to a personal space, also team spaces. All members of a team space automatically have access rights to a project that is located in that team space.

Creating a Virtual Surveyor project in a personal or a team space will not influence your own access. You will continue to have access from any of the trusted devices you work on. However, it will influence how other people have or can get access.

Team space on a team account

Your company admin sets the access rights on the team space. The admin can set view or edit access for every team member individually. Read more on Dropbox help. The team space will not be visible if you don’t have access rights. You can open, create and edit projects in the team space if you are granted Edit access to the team space. All the other members of the team space will also be able to access those projects. You will be able to open projects in the team space if you are given only View access. These projects will show in Virtual Surveyor in the view only mode.

Personal space on a team account

Only you have access to your projects that are stored in your personal space of a Dropbox team account. Every other person gets access to a certain project if you decide to do so. Your company admin might restrict these privilege's. When you share with a external person they will need to accept the share. But when you share with a colleague they will have access as soon as you have given them access (without further action from them).

Personal account

You are the data owner and only you have full access control over all projects in your personal Dropbox account. Every other person is seen as an external user and only gets access to a certain project if you decide to do so. The external user will have to accept access to the project that you have shared with them.



Team accounts
Personal accounts
Data ownershipCOMPANYYOU
Personal spaceYESYES
Team spaceYESNO
Dropbox plansAdvanced


How do these account types relate to the subscription plans that Dropbox offers? And what to choose?

A personal account is only useful when you are a one-person company. A plan with a team account is the best choice in most cases. The Advanced plan is really the best choice as you have access to as much space as needed. You know that drone surveying produces huge data volume.

Dropbox Personal Accounts

More information on the available Dropbox plans can be found here.

Dropbox Add Personal Account

You can connect your Dropbox to the free Valley version as well. One more reason to start right away with a Dropbox team account.

  • For team members: https://help.dropbox.com/guide/team/how-to-use-dropbox#how-to-use-dropbox-business
  • For admins: https://help.dropbox.com/guide/admin/how-to-get-started#dropbox-admin-guide

Dropbox Personal Account Pricing

If you are a Dropbox for Business user, then you can have both a personal and a work Dropbox account on any device like Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android. It is useful to keep your personal photos, videos, files and work files separate. You can access them from anywhere with an internet connection.
If you are installing the 'Dropbox Desktop Application' for the first time on Windows XP, then you will need to sign in to both Dropbox accounts.
If you are an existing Dropbox user, you will need to sign in to your second Dropbox account.

Sign In to both Dropboxes on a Windows XP Computer:

  1. Connect your Personal Dropbox and work Dropbox accounts.
  2. Download and install 'Dropbox Desktop Application' on your Windows XP.
  3. Enter the email address and password for your first Dropbox account.
  4. Click 'Now add your personal Dropbox' or 'Now add your work Dropbox', depending on which Dropbox you've already signed in to.
  5. Enter the password for your second Dropbox.

Sign in to Second Dropbox account on Windows XP Computer:

Dropbox Download

  1. Connect your Personal Dropbox and work Dropbox accounts.
  2. Download and install 'Dropbox Desktop Application' on your Windows XP.
  3. Click 'Dropbox' icon located in your System tray.
  4. Click 'Gear' icon.
  5. Select 'Preferences...' from the menu.
  6. Select 'Account' tab.
  7. If you have already signed in to your work Dropbox, then select 'Personal' tab. Otherwise, select the tab with your team name.
  8. Click 'Link' button.
  9. Enter the password for your second Dropbox account.