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As cloud computing becomes more prevalent, the ability to collaborate on documents becomes easier. People don’t need to meet at a particular time or place to collaborate on documents when they’re in the cloud.

What's more, it's sometimes hard to tell what Paper is really for: it's not exactly a good replacement for Google Docs, neither as for documentation tools like Confluence or Notion. The simplicity has its price. Reasons for Switching to Dropbox Paper. Confluence was suffering from a few annoying bugs and is not as user-friendly as Paper. Dropbox Paper vs Evernote In just fifteen minutes, the experts at Software Advice can help you narrow down the right software for your organization. Call us for a Free FastStart Consultation: +1 512 213 0292.

Cloud software must offer strong collaboration features, or customers will look for other software options.

Dropbox Paper is one of those pieces of cloud software that enhances collaboration among team members. This is a tool that simplifies the ability for the team to work closely on a project.

If you are considering making use of Dropbox Paper, we have broken down the key aspects of this cloud software. We’ll also help you figure out how to gain access to Dropbox Paper, so you can begin using it in your organization.

What Is Dropbox Paper?

Here are some of the most important aspects you’ll find with Dropbox Paper.

Edit in Real Time

When you want other team members to make editing changes to the Dropbox Paper document, they can perform the edits at a time that is most convenient for them.

All edits link to the person who made them, so there’s no question about who added which types of information. As the administrator, should you dislike some edits that occurred, you can always go back to the original version with a couple of clicks.

Add Media

Dropbox Paper documents allow for all kinds of additions, including text, audio files, video files, and images. Add any kind of media to the document to deliver the information in the most efficient manner.

Collaborate on Projects


When putting together a project in Dropbox Paper, collaborating with a variety of people is a simple process. In fact, the ability to collaborate on documents and projects represents the strongest aspect of Paper.

Use the collaborative features in Paper to keep everyone on the team up to date on the project. Team members do not have to set a certain time to meet to work on the project. Instead, team members can leave notes and ideas for other team members to review at their convenience. Leave comments at any time to keep the discussion over the project moving forward.

Track who worked on the Dropbox Paper document at what time and date, so you know whether everyone has seen the document and had a chance to make edits or comments. As someone comments or makes an edit, you’ll receive an email, so you always know when changes to the document occur.

Keep Everyone on Track

Adding to-do lists and other deadlines to the calendar for the project is another way to keep everyone on the team on the same page. Everyone involved in the project can see his or her assigned tasks, and they can see tasks others need to complete.

When one person must complete a task before another team member can start his or her task, the collaborative calendar gives everyone an idea on when they can expect to receive the information they need.

Keep Information in One Place

When passing a document to other team members for collaboration through email, it’s easy to lose track of important information inside a long email thread. And if team members are saving copies of the document on their local hard drives each time before passing it to the next person, the number of different versions of a document floating around quickly may become a disaster.

With all of the items for the project in one place with Dropbox Paper, team members won’t have to search through multiple emails to find a certain piece of information. Everything related to the project remains in one place for everyone to see, which is convenient. There’s no worry about having multiple versions of the document stored in several different places.

Project Planning

Team members can manage all aspects of their projects through Paper. They can create a timeline that shows the way the project is advancing and what tasks remain to complete the project, allowing them to plan for the delivery of the final version.

They can brainstorm on a broad set of ideas in the early part of the project before narrowing the scope of the project. Everyone will be able to see which ideas end up as part of the final document and whether rejection of certain ideas occurred.

Dropbox Paper Pricing (Hint: You Can Use It for Free)

The actual Dropbox Paper feature itself is free, and it is available in the Basic version of Dropbox, which is also free.

Those who want some of the more advanced features of Dropbox may subscribe to the pay version of the software. If so, each of these levels of Dropbox also contain access to Paper for no extra cost.

Here are the monthly costs for various levels of Dropbox.

Individual: Basic

The Basic level of Dropbox is free for a single user on the account. Some of the Basic features include:

  • Dropbox Paper access
  • 2 GB of storage
  • Sharing of file folders and links
  • Send data up to 100 MB per Dropbox transfer
  • 30 days of file recovery

Individual: Plus

The Plus level of Dropbox costs $9.99 per month and allows a single user on the account. Some of the Plus features include:

  • Dropbox Paper access
  • 2 TB of storage
  • Sharing of file folders and links
  • Send data up to 2 GB per Dropbox transfer
  • Smart Sync
  • 30 days of file recovery
  • No free trial
Dropbox Paper Pricing

Individual: Family

The Family level of Dropbox costs $16.99 per month and allows up to six users on the account. Some of the Family features include:

  • Dropbox Paper access
  • 2 TB of storage shared among all users
  • Sharing of file folders and links
  • Send data up to 2 GB per Dropbox transfer
  • Smart Sync
  • 30 days of file recovery
  • No free trial
Dropbox Paper Pricing

Business: Standard

The Standard level of Dropbox for business users costs $12.50 per user per month with a minimum of three users on the account. Some of the Standard features include:

  • Dropbox Paper access with administrative tools
  • 5 TB of storage
  • Sharing of file folders and links
  • Send data up to 2 GB per Dropbox transfer
  • Smart Sync
  • 180 days of file recovery
  • 14 day free trial

Business: Advanced

The Advanced level of Dropbox for business users costs $20 per user per month with a minimum of three users on the account. Some of the Advanced features include:

  • Dropbox Paper access with administrative tools
  • Unlimited storage
  • Sharing of file folders and links
  • Send data up to 100 GB per Dropbox transfer
  • Smart Sync
  • 180 days of file recovery
  • 14 day free trial

Business: Enterprise

The Enterprise level of Dropbox for business users has a custom cost for each user. (Contact Dropbox to receive a price quote.) Some of the Enterprise features include:

  • Dropbox Paper access with administrative tools
  • Unlimited storage
  • Sharing of file folders and links
  • Send data up to 100 GB per Dropbox transfer
  • Smart Sync
  • 180 days of file recovery
  • 14 day free trial

How to Get Dropbox Paper

To start using Dropbox Paper, you will need to set up a Dropbox account. Open the Dropbox home page and either click on the Get Started button in the upper right corner to sign up for a pay version of Dropbox or click on the Get Dropbox Basic link on the lower left side of the page.

You’ll be able to download the Dropbox app after creating your account. Click on the executable file after download, and it will install in a minute or two (with a fast internet connection).

After installation, click on the Dropbox icon in the computer’s system tray, opening a popup window. (You may need to sign into your account first.) In the upper portion of the popup window, you’ll see the Paper icon in the center, which looks like a black diamond stacked on top of a white diamond.

Making Sure You Have the Latest Version

If you already have a Dropbox account, just sign into it to begin using Dropbox Paper. If you don’t see an icon for Dropbox Paper in the popup window when you click on the Dropbox icon in the system tray, you may be using an older version of Dropbox. The system administrators updated Dropbox in early 2020, requiring users to download the new version to gain access to all of the software’s features.

You can download the latest version of Dropbox through the installation web page. As described earlier, once the .exe file downloads, click on it to begin the installation process. With a fast internet connection, it should only take a couple of minutes to finish the update.

If you cannot download the Dropbox desktop version currently, you can sign in to the cloud version of your Dropbox account in a web browser at Dropbox.com and open Dropbox Paper from there.

How Dropbox Paper Works with the Dropbox Desktop App

Once you have Dropbox Paper open, you can begin using it. Here are four of the most common ways you can use Dropbox Paper.

How to Create a Dropbox Paper Document

From the Dropbox Paper window, click on the Create Paper Doc button. In the blank Dropbox Paper window, you can begin typing items anywhere in the window to start.

How to Use Templates in Dropbox Paper

Dropbox has a number of templates you can use to create common Dropbox Paper layouts. Go to the Dropbox Paper template page to see all of the templates that are available. When you find a template you’d like to use, click on it. In the popup window, click on Use Template, and Dropbox Paper will open the template in a new document, where you can begin working on it.

How to Add a Comment in a Dropbox Paper Document

To add a comment to any section of the Dropbox Paper document, highlight the portion of the text on which you want to comment. In the popup menu, click on the comment icon on the far right. Type your comment in the popup bubble.

You also can create a comment that you’re not attaching to any particular text string by moving the cursor into the right margin of the Paper document. The popup menu should appear, allowing you to select the comment icon

You can direct your comment at a certain collaborator on the document by typing the at symbol – @ – in the comment, followed by the username or email address for the person at whom you’re directing the comment.

How to Create To-Dos for Collaborators in a Dropbox Paper Document

You can assign to-do tasks for people who are collaborating on the Dropbox Paper document with you. This is a great way to give people deadlines for completing tasks important to the project, while also tracking which people are responsible for which items.

Type a left square bracket, followed by a right square bracket, to create a to-do item. Within the box that appears, type a description of the item you want to use as the to-do.

At the far end of the box, you can click on the calendar icon to set a due date for the to-do item. Click on the icon of a person to assign the to-do to a certain person.

Paper is a free product from Dropbox which is built mainly to help teams work together on the same doc on rich media in real-time collaboration.

The best thing about this product, according to me, is the ease to get started with it. If you’re already a Dropbox file user, you can directly login using your Dropbox account, or there’s also an option to sign-in using your Google account.

Either it’s just a matter of seconds to start using this app. And the best part is, you don’t need to download any app.

Just go to its website, log in, and done!


However, the good things are not just limited to the registration process; there are plenty of other aspects where Dropbox does a great job.

Wanna know what those pros and cons are? Go through the following advantages of Paper.

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Our Verdict

Do I recommend Dropbox Paper? Yes and no. Because simply put, it can’t fulfill their requirements. It would be ideal to invest on a paid app like Scrivener , ProWritingAid , or Write! App .


Dropbox Paper Pros

When you first enter into this software, it looks quite similar to Google Docs, but as you explore more all the major differences come forth, including box notes and keyboard shortcuts.

In this section, I’ve mentioned all the attributes that attracted me (and most other Dropbox users) the most about Paper. After that, in the next section, we’ll discuss the areas where it missed the mark completely.

Let’s do it.

#1 Simple and easy-to-use

What’s the use of a to-do list folder or collaboration tool if it’s too complicated to use, right?

And it becomes more evident when you’re building a tool for writers. Most writers are not techno-geeks, so the product better be in its simplest form. And I think Dropbox took this thing by heart.

Using Paper is as simple as taking out a notebook and start writing, or logging into your favorite word processor. When you log into the tool, this what you come across:

It literally says, start typing and convert your thoughts into words. It’s part of why we love Dropbox for business so much.

#2 Collaborate with team members

This is the USP of Paper. In its website, Dropbox for business explicitly says, Paper is more than a doc – It’s the workspace for teams to bring creation and collaboration together.

Is Dropbox Paper Open

And it walks its talk as far as collaboration features, smart sync, and file sharing are concerned.

You can invite an individual or your whole team to create a project together in the desktop app, assign tasks, or get their feedback in real-time. And all this, just a few clicks away.

Dropbox paper pricing chart

Just click on “Invite” at the top-right corner and enter the email address (s) of whoever you want to share your doc and storage service with. And finally, click “Invite” again to start collecting ideas.

Dropbox paper behaves similarly to Microsoft Word documents when it comes to actual content editing of the documents stored on it. However, MS Word alone lacks compatibility with Dropbox to provide efficient collaboration alone, which is where the ability to share a paper doc with colleagues comes into effect.

Paper users will find themselves able to share and collaborate much more effectively than passing a shared document around via emails.

You can also leave or reply comments as if you’re chatting with someone on an instant messaging app.

#3 Compatible with all the devices

Your Dropbox text folder made it as easy as it could to provide universal access to its tool to anyone, no matter where he/she lives or what device he/she uses.

Firstly, there is no app for desktop users, neither Windows nor Mac. Just open the Dropbox Paper website on any browser, login or sign up if you don’t already have an account and start using it. You can also use Dropbox storage and add emojis to your heart’s content.

But is it the same for mobile users too? Can they share files as easily as everyone else?

Umm… not really. There are dedicated text formatting apps for Apple and Android that you can download from their respective app store. And then login to the tool to access your files and tasks using your credentials.

#4 Create your own writing templates

I was a little skeptical of whether to include this as a free Dropbox plus point or not. Let me tell you why:

When you know a software provides sharing templates, you expect to find pre-designed templates and file types inside the software. But this is not the case with Paper.

After so much hunting, I couldn’t find any writing templates in this tool. However, it allows you to manually build your own writing templates and save them in folders for future reference. A good template isn’t necessary to get the most out of Dropbox, as it’s already a self-contained app.

#5 Dropbox Paper Timelines

A timeline is probably one of the best uses of Dropbox paper that each user will appreciate. It allows a group to track project progress, check on reports needed, or set a deadline for an important task. However, timelines don’t appear in a user’s to-do list.

Additionally, only PC users can edit a timeline, while mobile users can only take a look at it to see what needs to be done.

Dropbox Paper Cons

Dropbox Paper Review

That was all I had in the pros section. Now, as promised, let’s discuss the areas where Paper lags behind the other writing apps and Dropbox offers.

How To Use Dropbox Paper

#1 No Storyboard or brainstorming tool

There’s no doubt, scripting anything on Paper takes seconds. But there isn’t anything like a storyboard that helps you quickly shape your stories or characters and a file request to collaborate on. As you can find in Write App, Final Draft, or Scrivener.

#2 Can’t create and save different versions of the content

Paper doesn’t offer any features or formatting options that allow you to keep the previous versions of your content so you can refer back to it in the future in case you don’t like the changes you made.

#3 Limited export options

Even though Paper looks like Google Docs, it’s not even close to it when you consider the different formats the latter supports for exporting files.

I was surprised to know; you can export your word online writing and editing only as PDF, Docx, and Markdown Content on Dropbox Paper.

Dropbox Paper is notoriously difficult when images are involved, and its text editing capabilities aren’t much better from the get-go. Exporting files to another format, then saving them back from a rich-text editor (such as Word or Google Docs) will work much better in your favor.

#4 Doesn’t block on-screen obstructions

The collaborative user-interface of Paper is clean, but you can still see menus on both, right and left sides on the Android app. And if you are trying to turn the “Full-Screen” mode on using the menu then good luck to you. It’s not even mentioned there.

But ironically, when you hit F11 on your keyboard, it enters the full-screen mode. The shortcut isn’t really well-known or covered in the tutorial well, but those who have looked have been able to find it. It covers your whole screen, but still, the easy tool menu is visible.

Dropbox has also overlooked Focus Mode that you usually find in a writing or word-processing app.

Dropbox Paper pricing plans and payment options

Paper is a free product from Dropbox, period.

  • Simple and easy-to-use
  • Collaborate with team members
  • Compatible with all the devices
  • Create your own writing templates
  • No Storyboard or brainstorming tool
  • Can’t create and save different versions of the content
  • Limited export options
  • Doesn’t block on-screen obstructions

Do I recommend Dropbox Paper?

Yes and no.

Yes, if you’re a single or team of content creators who often work together on a single project and rigorously critic each other work. I think freelance writers, marketing agencies, and even bloggers would find great benefit in Dropbox Paper.

Dropbox Paper Pricing

You can also go for Paper if you’re looking for an alternative to Google Doc.

Except for the above reasons, there’s no way I would suggest authors, screenwriters, or novelists use Paper.

Why? Because simply put, it can’t fulfill their requirements. For example, they can’t save the previous versions of their document, can’t block on-screen interruptions, and there’s no storyboard, too.

Unfortunately, you shouldn’t expect similar features to be introduced to Paper, either, at least in the near future. To begin with, it would probably be a monumental task to accomplish both collaboration, and the level of detail that script-taking programs have.

Additionally, when such options already exist, you can probably find a way to combine them.

So, it would be ideal for these professionals to invest their money on a paid app like Scrivener or Final Draft.

The abilities of these apps allow you to go above what Dropbox can offer to Paper users. While you will lose the ability to create Dropbox files, Scrivener and Final Draft both have plenty of options to save files in various formats, and have a more flexible workspace to use.

A Dropbox paper doc can be used to jot down an idea until you transfer it to other media, but it works much better as a full-fledged collaborative tool than a note-taking app for your Android or iPhone. For note-taking, consider an app such as Evernote instead.


Is There a Dropbox iOS App?

The one outstanding feature of Dropbox Paper is that it can connect to a vast amount of devices. This includes all iOS mobile devices, so you can use your iPad to work on essential documents in between YouTube binges.

What Are Some Dropbox Paper Alternatives?

Frankly, for what it does, Dropbox Paper is a vital app that no other competitors have managed to replicate. Google Drive offers some of Paper’s capabilities, but it focuses less on user collaboration inside a document and more on file and folder sharing.

On the other hand, Dropbox files are made to be used by multiple people at the same time, at the small cost of reduced text editing abilities and a lack of other features, such as version saving.