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I'm using the Dropbox Sync for playing the same World on three different PCs, one Linux-machine, two Windows7-machines. All machines have their 'saves'-Directory linked into the Dropbox. As long as you don't run Minecraft simultaneously on more than one of these machines, it works pretty well :).

The initial sync is a bit slow because of the many files, and you should turn off the Dropbox Tray Notifications (because they become annoying with so many filechanges). Also, i am using the 0.8.107-Version of Dropbox, which allows syncing symbolic links and selective syncing. I'm not syncing my whole Dropbox on these machines, only the Minecraft-stuff.I'm willing to write an own guide for this, if someone cannot adapt the 'Saved Data Dropbox Guide' to my solution.


Windows 7 & Vista:mklink /d C:Users<username>AppDataRoaming.minecraft 'C:Users<username>DocumentsMy DropboxMinecraft'If you get and error Cannot create a file when that file already exists. Try this...mklink /d 'C:Users<username>DocumentsMy DropboxMinecraft' C:Users<username>AppDataRoaming.minecraft

This makes no sense. mklink works this way:mklink source destination

source = The linkdestination = The folder you are linking to

This one is correct:mklink /d C:Users<username>AppDataRoaming.minecraft 'C:Users<username>DocumentsMy DropboxMinecraft'

This one is wrong:mklink /d 'C:Users<username>DocumentsMy DropboxMinecraft' C:Users<username>AppDataRoaming.minecraft

Why are you still suggesting the wrong one if the correct one gives an error-message?

You will only get this error:Cannot create a file when that file already existsif you didn't delete your .minecraft-folder after copying it's content to the new Dropbox-folder.

.minecraft-Folder = symbolic link

DropBox-Folder = the actual folder where the files are stored

New topic:So couldn't you *technically* write the symbolic link on a flash drive, and load your saves on any other computer? Probably would have to install dropbox first, right? Or could you link the symbolic link to the dropbox website? And won't this seriously slow down the game, due to synchronization?

Difference between the two Dropbox tutorials[edit]

I want to put my saves in my dropbox folder, and I'm confused as to why there's two seperate dropbox synchronisation tutorials here. I can't see any difference between them - am I missing something? --Adje 13:58, 6 April 2011 (UTC)

Registering Link[edit]

Correct me, if I'm wrong! But doesn't the referral only give the referee more space?

fkm - 12:22, 27 October 2011 (UTC)

Why not...[edit]

Why not just change the directory that Minecraft saves content to to be the dropbox folder? Or make the .minecraft folder a dropbox folder? LB 19:17, 26 May 2012 (UTC)

Dropbox Minecraft Pe 1007

Why are we symlinking the *entire* minecraft directory?[edit]

I don't understand why we're linking .minecraft into Dropbox, instead of .minecraft/saves. Especially because we didn't actually copy the entire directory (just the saves) in the previous step. However, this behavior is consistent across all of the systems listed, so I'm assuming it's intentional? An explanation would be nice, for the more technical of us. elliottcable 07:38, 18 July 2013 (UTC)


Should this guide be considered outdated seeing as you can now easily change your save directory to a location in your Dropbox folder using the new laucnher? --whizzer0 16:06, 10 August 2013 (UTC)

Retrieved from 'https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Talk:Tutorials/Saved_data_Dropbox_guide?oldid=514251'
I've been doing this for a while now, and wondered why there wasn't a thread about this yet on here. So I just decided to partly write & partly copy a guide on how to sync your minecraft saves on multiple computers, and here it is!
If you want to this with Google Drive, check this out: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1438116-how-to-sync-minecraft-over-google-drive-windows/. I'm unable to confirm whether it actually works or not, however.
Before you start: BE WARNED that you can only play on one computer at a time, and you must allow Dropbox to completely finish syncing before starting to play on a different computer. If you do not, you risk losing your progress or possibly corrupting your save.
Step one: Get dropbox.
Before doing anything else, Download Dropbox. Dropbox automatically syncs content to their servers and allows you to access it both online and through a client on your PC. Dropbox is cross platform, plus available on the web and web-enabled smartphones. It's completely safe and easy to use. Go to http://www.dropbox.com, register for a free account, download the application and install it. You automatically get 2GB for free.
Once you have installed Dropbox, you'll need to know where the Dropbox folder is.
  • On Windows XP, the Dropbox folder is located inside the user's 'My Documents' folder. The easiest way to reference this is using the environmental variables, as follows:'%HomeDrive%%HomePath%My DocumentsDropbox'. Because 'My Documents' contains a space, the quotation marks are required.
  • On Windows 7 and 8, the default Dropbox folder location is C:UsersusernameDropbox. Use the environmental variables %HomeDrive%%HomePath%Dropbox.
  • On Linux, the default location is in the user's home folder. For example in Ubuntu, that folder is located at ~/Dropbox
  • On Mac OS, it should also be in the user's home folder.
Step two: Copy your minecraft saved data to your Dropbox folder.
Next, you'll need to make a copy of your Minecraft saved game data on the cloud Dropbox server. For the purposes of this tutorial, we will be copying the saves folder from the .minecraft folder into a folder called Minecraft inside your Dropbox folder. You can store it elsewhere in your Dropbox if you choose.
On Windows, your Minecraft data folder is in your application data folder. You can access this by holding Windows+R or hitting Start > Run and then typing %AppData%.minecraft in the box. This will open your minecraft folder. Copy the folder named saves to the desired location in your Dropbox. In this tutorial, we will be creating a folder called Minecraft in the main Dropbox folder and storing the saves folder inside that.
Once these files are done copying, navigate back up to your .minecraft folder, and rename the saves folder to saves-backup. This step ensures that you 1) Have a backup of your files in case of catastrophe, and 2) allows us to make the symbolic link to the correct location in a later step.
Mac OS X
In Mac OS X, the Minecraft data folder is located in your Username > Library > Application Support folder. You can get here quickly by opening Finder → Go → Go To Folder → type~/Library/Application Support/minecraft. For future reference, it's best to make an alias for this folder and copy it to your desktop.
Now, copy the saves folder to the desired location in your Dropbox. It is a good idea to rename the original saves folder (in your minecraft Application Support folder) to saves-backup, to be saved as a backup in case something goes haywire. It also allows us to make the symbolic link to the correct location in a later step.
In Linux, your Minecraft data folder is located in your user home folder. However, it may be hidden from view. If you are using a GUI, ensure that you choose View > Show Hidden Files.
Copy the contents of the save folder to your Dropbox. As mentioned above, in this tutorial we create a folder inside the dropbox called Minecraft to store the saves folder in.
Once the copy is complete, rename the saves folder to save-backup.
If you're command line savvy, here are the above steps in command line format.
cd ~/.minecraft
mkdir ~/Dropbox/Minecraft
cp -r saves ~/Dropbox/Minecraft/saves
mv saves saves-backup
Step Three: Create the symbolic linksDropbox minecraft
This is the final step that will allow users to use the cloud versions of their files.
Creating symbolic links in Windows is easy thanks to a free application called Link Shell Extension, which will allow you to create a symbolic link via right-click in Explorer.
Note: If you are running Windows XP, you may need to install the Server 2003 resource pack in order to enable symbolic links, which is available here.
  1. Move your Minecraft saves folder (located in %appdata%.minecraft) to a folder in your Dropbox.
  2. Right-click on this new folder and choose Pick Link Source.
  3. Go back to your Minecraft folder's original location, then Right-click somewhere blank and click Drop As… → Junction,
  4. and you are all set to pull your game data off the cloud.
Command Prompt
  1. right click on cmd.exe and press run as administrator.
  2. In cmd.exe, type: mklink /d %appdata%.minecraftsaves <dropbox_path>Minecraftsaves
  3. The console will output “Symbolic link created” if everything succeeded.
(This is tested to work on Windows 7.)
Mac OS XSaved
Creating symbolic links in Mac OS X is also easy thanks to a free application called SymbolicLinker, which will allow you to create a symbolic link via right-click in the Finder. If you'd rather use the command line, instructions are below.
  1. Download and install SymbolicLinker.
  2. Once installed, move your Minecraft saves folder (located in '~/Library/Application Support/minecraft) to a folder in your Dropbox.
  3. Right-click on this new folder and choose Make symbolic link. This will create a symbolic link in the same folder.
  4. Move this back to your Minecraft folder's original destination (make sure it has the same name as the original),
  5. and you are all set to pull your game data off the cloud.
  1. Open the Terminal
  2. Type in: ln -s ~/Dropbox/Minecraft/saves ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/saves
If you moved your Dropbox to something other than the default location you’ll need to modify that first path.
Open two file browser windows, one showing your Dropbox folder and the other showing the minecraft folder.
After you dragged and dropped the saves folder over to Dropbox, drag it back and hold Alt while dropping it. This should create a symlink.Minecraft
To create the symbolic links in a terminal, type the following into a Terminal:
ln -s ~/.minecraft/saves ~/Dropbox/Minecraft

Dropbox Minecraft Mods

Now your saved worlds should all be there when you start Minecraft.
In order to link any additional computers you wish to play on, you just need to follow these steps - install Dropbox, and create the symbolic links. Voilà!
(source: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Tutorials/Saved_data_Dropbox_guide_saves_only)