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I am a loyal Dropbox user. I have been using their service for the last few years. Both my personal and company that I worked are using Dropbox until today. There have been good and bad day with Dropbox. Mostly I run Dropbox on Windows PC and Mac OS X. Today, I am going to install Dropbox on my Ubuntu 19.10 desktop.

IRC Manjaro Brasil: #manjaro-br I IRC Manjaro Hispano: #manjaro-es. Time packer -Ss dropbox real 0m0.951s user 0m0.510s sys 0m0.060s time yaourt -Ss. Dropbox is a well known cloud storage and file sharing service. It provides a better and easier way to store files online and share files to other users easily. Dropbox supports any Operating System including Linux. Here I want to show you how to install Dropbox in Manjaro 0.8.13. This is a quicksummary of the videoDROPBOX::From the link below, lets choose the installation option 'Install Dropbox via command line 'whether your flavou. Jul 15, 2020 Manjaro presents us with a transaction summary. It looks like an extra dependency will be installed along with Dropbox. Click 'Apply' once more to proceed with the installation. Transaction summary presented by the software installer app.

Dropbox provides DEB installer for Ubuntu based Linux. It supports Ubuntu 19.10 very well. If you want to setup Dropbox on Ubuntu 19.10 from the scratch, please follow these steps.


Step 1. Download Dropbox for Ubuntu Installer

Please use this link below to download the Dropbox DEB package for Ubuntu. Save this file to your download location.


For another systems, you can visit the official download page.

Step 2. Install Dropbox

Open Terminal and cd to your download directory and then we can start installing Dropbox.

Likely you will end up with the following error

But don’t worry, we can easily fix this error with this command

Dropbox Manjaro

Dropbox Restore Previous Version


Once finished, open Dropbox application from Ubuntu application menu. On the first run, you will see this notification.

Clik Start Dropbox and then the installation will continue.

Manjaro Dropbox Autostart

Once the installation completes, it will open the web browser and you will need to login using your Dropbox account.

Click Continue with Installation. And in a few moment, you should see Dropbox icon on the taskbar. You can change preferences etc from here.

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Dropbox Manjaro

Dropbox Free

That’s it. Thanks for reading this tutorial how to install Dropbox on Ubuntu 19.10. Hope you enjoy it and leave us comments if you have anything to ask about.