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Add the details for the business and click “Create work Dropbox.” You can invite members at this point by using their email addresses separated by commas. You also have options regarding how coworkers can join the Dropbox folders. You can set them up for invite only, ask to join or have it automatic. Invite your friends to join Dropbox, and for each one who installs Dropbox we’ll give you both 500 MB of bonus space up to 16 GB. We find the offer a bit slim, but it's better than nothing. Go to Dropbox website Dropbox. You provide us with your Dropbox referral link and we will make sure you receive 32 referrals. Dropbox will automatically reward you with 500 MB per referral, resulting in a total of 32 x 500 MB = 16 GB of extra online storage!

You might be wondering why would you invite someone over to Dropbox, well you might already have heard about the extra free storage space you get when you invite someone to Dropbox.

Let’s move forward and find out how we can actually use simple tricks to invite someone to Dropbox and these tricks are pretty tricky in making someone join Dropbox for real instead of just telling them to join which they eventually delay and you never get that extra 500MB out there.

However, overall it is kind of a hefty task to get 32 members to join Dropbox using your link therefore, we got you covered. We provide 32 referrals joining Dropbox using your link.

If you’re a Dropbox Basic member then you get 500MB of storage per invite while if you’re a Dropbox Plus or Professional member then you get 1GB per invite.

Before getting started, we will see how to invite someone to Dropbox.

There are two ways to invite someone on Dropbox, and they are as follows:

To Send Invite From Dropbox

  1. Go to Dropbox, and Sign in using your account
  2. You will see an avatar on top, click on it.
  3. Click on Settings
  4. Choose the Plan.
  5. Click on “Invite a friend”.
  6. Put in the friend’s Email you want to invite and you’re good to go.

Once they opened the email and join Dropbox by completing all the steps it shows then you will be credited with an extra 500MB of free storage.

To Invite People With Your Referral Link

  1. Go to the Dropbox Referrals page
  2. Sign in to Dropbox, if not already.
  3. Scroll down to find “Copy Link”
  4. Click on it to get the link copied
  5. Share the link with your friends and family including the person you want to invite.

Tricks To Invite Someone To Dropbox Using Your Referral Link

There are amazing ways to invite someone over to Dropbox and earn lifetime storage of around 500MB per invite and a total of 16GB of lifetime storage completely free.

Yes, you don’t have to pay for a subscription to get this storage, it stays the same 18GB forever. We are here to provide you with a few simple methods to make people join Dropbox without looking like you’re forcing them for your own benefit.

#1 Send Files & Documents To Your Employees Over Dropbox

It’s a great opportunity to get someone to join Dropbox without even inviting them. You can easily share a file or document with them to collaborate for which they will have to make an account anyway.

Now, it’s easier to tell them about the service and why you use it, and how they are giving away extra storage space on referring. In this way, they will complete all the steps and get themselves 500MB and you will also get 500MB of storage space.

Dropbox Invite To Upload

It looks better this way and is effective than reaching them out and telling them about Dropbox. They might hear and drop it the other day but this file-sharing trick works almost all the time.

#2 Share Photos With Your Friends

Another good method is to willingly share photos with your friends on Dropbox when they ask you to share photos of them. It gets much easier to drag them to the Dropbox storage service and get the 500MB extra storage space.

Although most of the time it works, I am sure they will be joining if they like the Dropbox service and you can also tell them more about it.

The Dropbox referral program is for sure addictive enough to drag them to use the Dropbox service to get all the 18GB of extra storage space.

In addition to it, Dropbox also offers great features integrate within and might offer more extra storage if you download it on the Smartphone for storing photos.

Dropbox invite others for more storage

#3 Introduce Them To The Dropbox Referral Program And Explain The Helpful Features

In a discussion, you can easily head to your friend circle and discuss the referral programs and features of Dropbox.

Dropbox Invite

Usually, people will look at the features and benefits they are getting to join Dropbox as they might be too lazy to go research on their own.

Therefore, you can kick start a conversation in a group with a simple topic on why should someone get a Dropbox. For example, if there is a talk about sharing files, you can tell them the way you share and how simple and effective it is.

In this way, send them your referral link and ask them to join to get an extra bonus themselves too. They will be happy and your job is done as well.

#4 Use The Adwords To Make A Campaign For Minimal Budget

Yes, there’s actually a working method on this. In this, you create a campaign in Google Adwords to build an ad with top keywords and gain referrals in no time.

Dropbox Invite To Folder

To do this, you can get $75 free Google Adwords credit if you’re a first time user and build an ad to target highly search keywords like “dropbox, storage, free online storage, online backup free” works well.

You can run a maximum of 2-3 ads by making a campaign on Adwords and you can set your bid or budget and most of the time, all the referrals are reached within an expenditure of $5-$8.

Whenever people search for the above keywords your campaign is built with, your referral link is shown at the top to the people searching for that keyword.

This way, you can easily get all the 32 referrals in no time however, it is not guaranteed that you will reach all 32 referrals within a budget of $5-$8.

#5 Use The Dropbox Referral Service

In this, you don’t actually do the job of inviting friends or users using your Dropbox referral link but you hire someone to do it for a minimal amount.

SpeedyReferrals provides you with all the 32 referral for a minimal amount of money and you don’t have to do anything. All you have to do is submit your Dropbox referral link and the rest is all on us.

Invite To Dropbox Folder

We will take care of all your 32 referrals and deliver it completely safe without any trouble to your account as we don’t need the credential of your Dropbox account at all.

We on the other hand, also provide the guarantee of all 32 referrals and 18GB of extra storage to be provided to you when you place an order with us.


Hope you learned all the tricks to invite the people on the Dropbox without being weird. The above methods almost work most of the time. However, if you apply the methods above at the best time then they work out mostly.

In the end, you get a lifetime 18GB of extra storage on Dropbox for which you don’t have to pay ever.