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  • Extension URI: Where Dropbox redirects the user and passes the file_id and require_role value. For example, if you enter https://www.example.com/dropbox_extensions, Dropbox will send https://www.example.com/dropbox_extensions?file_id={dropbox_file_id})&require_role={work/personal}
    • file_id is unique identifier of the file and corresponds to the fileMetadata.id value. Therefore, it can be used used with the Dropbox API endpoints such as /files/get_metadata.
    • require_role indicates if the user is authorizing from work for team account or personal for a personal account. This can be used in the case you need to re-authorize and the user has linked their personal and work accounts.
  • What is the main purpose of this extension?: Select whether you want the Extension to show under “Open” or “Share” menu of the selected file, depending on your app’s functionality.
    • Opening/Editing files: This will show the Extension under “Open” menu of the selected file
    • Sharing/Sending files: This will show the Extension under “Share” menu of the selected file
  • Supported File Types: Enter comma-delimited list of supported file extensions. The Extension will only show in either “Open” or “Share” menu of the file types specified.
  • Max File Size (MB): [optional] Set a file size limit. If a user selects your Extension on a file bigger than specified size, they will be redirected the following error:

Dropbox Identity


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Dropbox Id

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