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If you’ve recently purchased a HP consumer computer or Android tablet, you may be eligible for an additional 100 GB of Dropbox storage space. To redeem this promotion:

Dropbox Free Trial

What a Standard Dropbox Free Account Includes Kudos to Dropbox for offering a free Basic account that can get you started with 2GB of space. With this free plan, you can get started with accessing and sharing photos, documents, and other files from any device. Boxcryptor protects your personal or business files in your Dropbox with end-to-end encryption. Access, edit and share your data on all platforms.

  1. Click or tap the Dropbox icon in your task bar to install Dropbox on your eligible HP computer.
  2. Sign up for a Dropbox account by filling out the details on this page. If you already have a Dropbox account, click sign in.
  3. Follow the steps to redeem the space on your account.

Learn what happens after your storage space promotion expires.

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Frequently asked questions

How long is the promotion valid for, and can I get the promotion on my existing Dropbox account?

The answer to these questions is dependent on when you purchased your HP device. See the table below for more information.

Purchase date



Existing or new user?

Purchased before October 23, 201525 GB6 monthsNew or existing Dropbox users
Purchased after October 23, 201525 GB12 monthsNew or existing Dropbox users
Purchased on or after September 1, 2020100 GB12 monthsNew or existing Dropbox users

If I purchased multiple promotion-eligible devices, can I redeem the same offer multiple times?

No. Each Dropbox account can only redeem the same type of deal once.

Can I transfer my promotional space to another Dropbox account?

No, the promotional space is not transferable once it has been redeemed.

Can I get the promotion on a refurbished or used device?

No. The promotional space is only available to the original buyer of the eligible device.

Why am I not eligible to redeem the promotional space?

Dropbox download

There may be a variety of reasons you're not eligible to redeem the promotional space:

Dropbox Free Trial Cancellation

  • You're only eligible to redeem the same type of promotional deal once. For example, you can't redeem the HP promotion more than once, even if you buy multiple eligible HP devices.
  • The Dropbox app was not pre-loaded on your device.
  • You bought your device pre-owned or refurbished, and the previous owner redeemed the promotion associated with the device. Each device can only earn promotional space once.
  • Your device may not be eligible for the promotion due to some country and retailer exclusions.
  • Some HP promotions may only apply to new Dropbox users.
Dropbox free trial personal

Terms for the Dropbox promotion for HP devices

For HP PCs and tablets that have the Dropbox application pre-loaded, the promotion is available to the first user who (a) meets the criteria defined in the table below, and (b) completes the redemption steps. The promotion is for a single Dropbox personal plan account to receive additional storage space for a fixed period of time (exact amount and duration shown in the table below) in addition to the storage space Dropbox offers to users with free accounts. Each user is only eligible for one promotion of this type for a single account. The promotion may not be available to users who have previously received a Dropbox promotion through the purchase of a non-HP device. When the promotional period ends, the promotional space added to the user's Dropbox service will be automatically removed. Use of Dropbox is subject to the Dropbox Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and other terms. Promotion not available in China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, the region of Crimea, or any other country or region prohibited by law.

Dropbox Free Trial Size

Welcome to my Dropbox Tutorial - my getting started guide.
Dropbox is an incredibly useful cloud storage tool which can keep your precious files, folders and photographs safe and secure in the cloud.
You can register for Dropbox for free by using the Dropbox Basic plan. With Dropbox Basic, you will get the 2GB worth of disk space which is plenty to get you started. Please note, however, I don't recommend Dropbox Basic for on-going cloud storage. It lacks some of the key security features that the paid versions of Dropbox have. You can go ahead and register for a free account though to get you used to the application.
The first thing we'll do is register for a Dropbox account. To do this, you will need to browse to https://www.dropbox.com. From there, part of the way down the home page you will see a sign-up form. Just enter your name, email address and choose a secure password and then click on 'Sign up'.
On the next page, you will be prompted to download and install the Dropbox application. How Dropbox works is that you store your files and folders in the Dropbox cloud. You then install the Dropbox software on all of your devices, whether that is your PC, laptop or Smartphone. Having the software on every device means that wherever you are, you have your files with you.
In this video, I am using my Windows 10 PC, so I want to install Dropbox. After you install the software, you'll see the Dropbox application where you enter your username and password. Once you've entered your username and password, you can click through the wizard.
When you've installed the software, you will see a Dropbox icon in your Windows Explorer screen as well as a Dropbox sign in your system tray (next to your clock). Whatever files you move in the local Dropbox folder will synchronise to Dropbox.
I would then sign into the email account where you have registered your Dropbox account. Dropbox will have sent you an email asking you to confirm your account.
There are a couple of final tasks to do before we get started. If we go into the 'Settings' option, then we can add a photo of ourselves, set the date format and configure what email alerts we want to receive from Dropbox.
After that, we will go back to the main Dropbox page. We can do this by clicking on the Dropbox icon. The next thing is to work out how to use Dropbox. We can create a Word document and save it in the Dropbox folder on our PC. You will see after a few seconds that the file also synchronises into Dropbox in the cloud. In addition to this, we can create new folders and move files into folders by dragging and dropping them. We can do this either on our PC or in Dropbox.com. At any time, there is an icon next to each folder. A green tick means that the folder is fully synchronised whereas a blue 'whirling' means that it is still synchronising with Dropbox.
One of the most attractive features of Dropbox is the ability to share files and folders with other people. By clicking on the share feature, we can add people's email addresses and choose whether we want them to be able to edit the documents or just view them.
You also have the ability to edit documents in Dropbox. For example, in this video, we're using a Word document. If the PC/device that we're working on has Word installed, then we can select the option to open the document in Word. If however, the PC doesn't have Dropbox installed, then we can choose the option to open with Word Online, a free online version of Word.
We can also install the Dropbox app on our smartphones. In this video, I show you how to install the app onto my iPhone. From the home screen of the phone, click on App Store, then Search, then type Dropbox and click on the cloud icon. The app will then install. After you've installed the app, the cloud icon will change to the word Open. Click on this. When the Dropbox app opens, you will see a blue sign asking if you'd like to sign up for Dropbox. We don't need to do this because we have already signed up for an account, so instead you will see that we can select 'sign in'. Enter your email address and password and sign into the app.
Once you've signed in, Dropbox will ask you if you'd like to back up the photos on your phone to Dropbox. What a great feature. How many people lose their phones and also lose all of their photographs? By backing up your photos to Dropbox, your photos are safe.
You will then see all your files and folders in the Dropbox app. We can also edit word and excel documents from within the app. All we need to do is install the Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel app from the app store.
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