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When using the Dropbox API to interact with a specific file, most /files/ endpoints require a path that points to a specific file. There are multiple ways to reference a file that can be used as path parameter:

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  • Dropbox has its own implementation of the Recycle Bin (Windows) and Trash (Mac).
  • To download the files from a transfer to your computer, open the Dropbox Transfer link and either click the Download all button or hover over an individual file and click the arrow icon that appears. The files will be downloaded to your browser’s default download location.

I copied some files from my computer and pasted them into the Dropbox folder, and it says it is “copying x items from (filename) to FolderInDropBoxFolder”, and it says it will take “More than 1 Day” to upload 27gb. Why is it so slow? When I did the setup and had it backup my desktop and downloads folder that are 90gb, it only took 10min.

1. File path (e.g. /Pictures/cats/cat_in_box.png)
- Most “human readable” reference
- Dependent on the file name and location staying the same
- Best choice for referencing a file by name in a specific location

2. File id (e.g. id:odTlUvbpIEFAAAAAAAAGOQ)
- Unique file reference that persists if files are moved or renamed
- Useful for apps referencing files that are moved around
- Best choice for reliable, accurate reference to a specific file

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3. File revision (e.g. rev:015a01044acb99900000001aa8954d0)
- References a specific version of a file
- Useful for version control, restoring deleted files, and managing conflicting copies
- Best choice for referencing a file at a specific point in time

4. Namespace-relative file path (e.g. ns:1522576049/cats/cat_in_box.png)
- References a file in a specific namespace, which is a unique permission space
- Useful for referencing files in shared folders mounted in different locations for each user
- Best choice for admins using the Dropbox-API-Select-Admin header

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Consider how your app needs to interact with Dropbox files and choose the best file reference for your needs.