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  • In Dropbox you can stay connected with your team, comment and assign work across different apps and devices, so being a team player becomes second nature. You can create and edit as a team in Dropbox Paper, set due dates, securely request files, and streamline your workflow all with full visibility so you know precisely what everyone is doing.
  • Dropbox maintains a global network of partners to provide valuable professional services to our customers. By utilizing these partnerships, you can make the most of our products to meet your business’s unique needs.
  • With Dropbox Scan, you never have to worry about losing track of key contracts, receipts, invoices, tax info, or any important docs anymore. Just use this doc scanner app to quickly transform paper docs into high-quality PDFs you can organize and share instantly—right from your phone.
  • The Mission Bay headquarters complex leased by Dropbox is being sold for $1.08 billion, the second-highest price in San Francisco history for a single property. Owner Kilroy Realty said Monday it.

If you delete your Dropbox account, it will erase all your online data and unlink your devices from the Dropbox service.

  • Dropbox is a cloud storage service that lets you save files online and sync them to your devices.
  • You can use Dropbox links to share files and folders with other people without sending large attachments.
  • Dropbox offers a free plan that includes 2 GB of storage. You can pay to increase that to as much as 3 TB with a subscription.
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Dropbox is a file hosting service, often referred to as a 'cloud storage' service. Dropbox is one of the oldest and most popular cloud storage services in use today, though there are many alternatives, including Microsoft OneDrive, Box, Sync, and Google Drive.

How Dropbox works

When you subscribe to Dropbox, you are allotted a certain amount of storage space in an online server known as 'the cloud.' After installing the Dropbox app on your PC, mobile device, or both, any files that you store in your Dropbox locally will be copied to the Dropbox server as well.

© Dave Johnson/Business Insider Dropbox is a cloud storage service that keeps files in sync between an online server and your own devices. Dave Johnson/Business Insider

If you make changes to these files in one place, the updates are automatically mirrored everywhere. By synchronizing your Dropbox files locally and online, you can easily access these files anywhere and share them with others more easily.

Key features of Dropbox

While Dropbox is mainly online storage that keeps files in sync between your personal devices and the cloud, it offers a broad array of features beyond that basic functionality.

It's accessible via the web or in apps that you can install on Mac, PC, and mobile devices, both iOS, and Android. No matter which version of Dropbox you use, everything is securely encrypted with 256-bit AES.

© Dave Johnson/Business Insider Dropbox remembers and can restore files you've deleted. Dave Johnson/Business Insider

The service also keeps a history of your files with versioning so you can recover them in the event of a malware or ransomware catastrophe, or even just accidental deletion. The free version gives you 30 days of file recovery, while paid tiers go up to 180 days.


One of the key reasons to use Dropbox is how easy the service makes it to share files. You can control permission levels and share files and folders with specific people using a link, or make files public so anyone with the appropriate link can access your data. It's a convenient way to send files without using email attachments.

© Dave Johnson/Business Insider Dropbox includes collaboration tools as well. Dave Johnson/Business Insider

Dropbox even includes some collaboration tools such as Dropbox Spaces, which lets teams work together on documents, share notes, and edit in real-time.

How much Dropbox costs

The basic Dropbox service is free and includes 2 GB of online storage. Dropbox Plus costs $10 per month and increases storage to 2 TB. Dropbox Professional is the highest tier, priced at $20 per month, offering a storage capacity of up to 3 TB along with bonus features, such as fast full-text search and an extended 120-day file history with versioning. There are also business and enterprise versions of Dropbox with separate pricing.

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A central workspace to access, manage, and share files.

Dropbox is a leading global collaboration platform that’s transforming the way people and teams work together. With more than 500 million registered users across 180 countries, Dropbox is on a mission to unleash the world’s creative energy by designing a more enlightened way of working.

Dropbox simplifies work, with a central workspace to access, manage, and share files. With Dropbox, users spend less time tracking down information and more time getting work done. And Dropbox seamlessly integrates with the tools teams love, so conversations and content stay in sync.

With the DocuSign Dropbox Extension, users can easily set up and send documents for signature to multiple recipients directly from Dropbox, and signed documents, attachments, and notifications of completion are automatically saved back to Dropbox.

Key Benefits

  • Share files and request signatures directly from Dropbox, and automatically save final signed copies back to the same place in Dropbox.
  • Quickly find the documents stored in Dropbox, and pull documents for e-signature directly from Dropbox folders.
  • Accelerate turnaround times and add multiple signers to the same document stored in Dropbox.
  • Maintain control over important company information and user activity with advanced security features.




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