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Powerful Tools to Build Apps, Not Just Mockups.

Import custom graphics, drag and drop behaviors, and then submit to the App Store!

Take your presentations anywhere with mobile Prezi apps for iOS iPhone, iPad, Android phones, tablets, and desktop. Mobility sets great ideas in motion. A Dropbox API developer is simply any software developer who’s familiar with the Dropbox API. They can help you automate repetitive file requests, index user-uploaded content, and use Dropbox for all your cloud storage needs. Dropbox and Box are two of the best business cloud storage options on the market, both earning a spot in our best EFSS roundup for their enterprise-focused business plans. Choosing between them is. How to configure your Dropbox data source and access your data via the Algorithmia Data API.

Import Assets

Import form your favorite tools like photoshop. hyperPad supports the most popular images, animations, fonts, and audio formats.

Use Powerful Behaviors

Bring your assets to life using visual behaviours instead of code. Connect actions to events to create a simple flow of logic that’s easy to follow.


Make money by selling your app in the App Store, or integrate ads. Within seconds you can implement banners or full screen ads through the iAd and Admob networks.

Track Usage

Track how people are using your app by adding your Google Analytics tracking ID. Automatically track the progress between scenes, or create custom events to track specific points in your project.

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Explore The Hub

Explore the hyperPad Hub to see what other people are working on or share your project with the world. Get feedback, recognition, and collaborate with users around the world.

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Get Help

Access our community forums, in-depth documentation, video tutorials, and articles to learn the ins and outs of hyperPad. If you’re stuck feel free to email the hyperPad team directly, or pick up the phone and give us a call!

Fully Featured Drag and Drop Editor

Import graphics, sounds, and fonts. Then use the intuitive drag and drop interface to put your scenes together.

Instant Previews

Instantly run your project right on the iPad without waiting for compiling, dealing with complicated software, security keys, or hardware.

Build with Layers

Organize your scene into layers for easy navigation, and separate objects to create unique experiences.

Import with Dropbox

Link your project with Dropbox to import and manage your assets from any device running Dropbox, including your Mac or PC!

Powerful Visual Behaviors

Connect actions and events to create a flowchart of your app's logic. The powerful behaviors can be used to create a wide variety of apps ranging from mobile games to interactive books.

Intuitive Drag and Drop Interface

Create amazing apps without writing a single line of code. The flowchart of actions and events makes it easy to construct your app’s logic.


Object Based

Every object in your scene can have it’s own behaviors. You can manipulate individual objects, or groups of objects with tags.

Motion Tweens

Create animations with motion based behaviors. Choose from 18 popular tweening options like linear, bounce, sine, and more!

Robust Engine

Apps created with hyperPad are powered by the most popular graphics and physics engines. Your creations share the same robust engine used by the most popular mobile games and interactive apps.


Cocos2D is a powerful and robust graphics engine capable of handling a wide variety of objects, animations, and effects.

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Chipmunk Physics

Add Chipmunk’s rigid body physics to your app with no coding. Create apps ranging from physics simulations to games like Angry Birds.

How To Use Dropbox Tutorial

60 FPS

All your projects are capable of running at 60 FPS, calling all animations, effects and movements to be buttery smooth.

Get started with hyperpad

You just want to play around, make apps as a hobby, or take things to the next level to make money? We've got you covered.

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Get all the features of hyperPad with one low price.

hyperPAd Created Apps

Dropbox Developer

Take a look at some apps in the App Store that were created with hyperPad.

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We’ve got some great (and obvious) news, which is that we’ve just launched a new version of the Dropbox Developer website! If you’ve been to the website before, you’ll notice that it’s now substantially different, and not just with looks. Here’s a quick summary of the major changes:

Developer App Keys

Dropbox developer guide

As part of the new site, you no longer need to apply to get access to an App Key for testing purposes. As of right now, you can go to the My Apps section and create an App with Developer status.

Approval Process for Production Status

In order for your App Key to work with all users and have a higher limit for API calls, it needs to be approved for Production status. To apply for Production status, click the “Get Production Key” link on the options page for your app. At this time, only mobile apps that run natively on the device are being approved. Also, given the security concern associated with allowing you to access user files we need some proof that you’re going to behave well. This could be a history of mobile app development, an email address showing you’re part of a reputable company, or a phone call where you come across as an especially competent and trusting person.

New Documentation

We’ve redone the Quick Start section based on your feedback, and we’ll continue to roll out improvements to the documentation over the next few days. If you have any thoughts or questions on this, let us know on the Support Section.