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Dropbox Cloud Storages means storing your files and documents in online storage system. Dropbox is an online cloud storage where you can put the files on it and use it anytime and anywhere as per your need. If you need to keep your files and data safe like photos, videos, applications, contacts, calendar, and anything, you can use the Dropbox app through your device. It is also very easy to edit a presentation with the teammates where you do not have to email the files back and forth.

Anyone can get the update of your edited file in the shared folder as soon as you make some changes, which makes the work easier. You can have all the data and information safe so that you can use them whenever and wherever you like as in a train, buses, other places or countries, home and your places around.

All files stored online by Dropbox are encrypted and kept in secure storage servers. Storage servers are located in data centers across the United States. Additionally, storage servers are available in Australia, Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom for eligible Dropbox Business users. Learn more about how the Dropbox service works. Not to be confused with Dropbox, Box is a separate cloud storage option for files, photos and documents. When compared to Dropbox, Box is similar with features like assigning tasks.

No matter the file or folder you’re trying to back up —from photos and videos to large CAD files and PowerPoint presentations—you can store it safely using cloud storage solutions from Dropbox. Access your files from multiple devices Dropbox offers one central hub for online file storage, file sharing, and syncing. Dropbox lets anyone upload and transfer files to the cloud, and share them with anyone. Back up and sync docs, photos, videos, and other files to cloud storage and access them from any device, no. Feb 22, 2021 Dropbox certainly isn’t the most expensive cloud storage provider out there, but it’s not the cheapest, either (see our Dropbox pricing guide). If you want a Dropbox free trial, you can open a free.

More About Dropbox Cloud Storage

Dropbox Cloud Storage Pricing

The Dropbox provides a free storage of 2GB for the basic package, while it costs some money for the upgrading of Dropbox pro and Dropbox Business plans. The pricing actually differs according to the subscription and the country or region of billing. The storage plan is cheap and you can easily subscribe them according to your need or purpose. Pricing will be according to the existing plans.

Cost of the Dropbox Cloud Storage

The cost of the Dropbox storage is different according to the package you buy.

Dropbox Cloud Storage Basic

In the basic Dropbox package, the account is free with an online, free storage of 2GB. From your devices like computer and mobiles, you can easily download the free apps and get an access to the Dropbox. You can even earn more space on it through the Dropbox basic account.

Dropbox Pro for Dropbox Cloud Storage

For the subscription of the Dropbox Pro package with 1TB of the space with additional features, you can choose the monthly or the annual plan. Pricing of the Dropbox Pro storage differs according to the country from which you pay.

Dropbox Business

This package is for the groups or organizations for the business purpose. The pricing of the Dropbox business depends on the size of the team and also the billing country from where you subscribe it. There is an offer of discounts for the educational institutes and non-profitable organizations.

Invoices and Receipts for Dropbox subscriptions

To upgrade the Dropbox Pro, you will get an invoice. You can found this under the ‘Account settings’ of the Dropbox’s official website. And also the invoices and history of the transactions of the payments after upgrading to a Dropbox pro. You can do it through the Apple App store and the Google play store.

Dropbox Pro: downgrade, or switch from annual to monthly billing

To do this, you can sign into the Dropbox account which you want to downgrade, then from the options, you can select the ‘Downgrade’ option to do so. You have to think carefully before downgrading your subscription. Your remaining time will be finished from your current subscription if you downgrade to the Basic plan which you have to be careful.

Switch to an annual or monthly subscription

You can easily switch from an annual to a monthly subscription, for which you can wait until the end of the annual subscription and also change the period of billing upon renewal or you can schedule the change. Also you can switch from a monthly to an annual subscription. You can do this from the account section of the settings of the Dropbox. Your subscription will change immediately if you switch to an annual plan.


Billing issue: Why did my payment fail?

Whenever the payment of the Dropbox is declined, it shows an error message in a red box. It may not always be useful for the troubleshooting. Sometimes, these declines are fixed by re-entering your billing information easily which is by making sure the information correctly. It this does not work, then you can try the troubleshooting steps mentioned below.

Call your bank or Credit Card Company

Whenever you have a problem with the pricing of the Dropbox Storage, you can directly contact the bank or the credit card company from which you have performed the transaction. This will help you to make sure if the bank has transferred or deposited the money you paid to the Dropbox or not. Sometimes, your credit card also may not have worked or jammed. In this condition, it is better to contact the bank or the credit card company.

Use a different card

Using a different card may sometimes solve your problem of the Dropbox storage pricing.

Use a PayPal instead

PayPal is a renowned and safe way or method of performing the online transactions. You can try paying through the PayPal to the Dropbox storage for the pricing.

Contact to the support team of the Dropbox

If all of the above methods do not work on the pricing for the Dropbox cloud storages, you can then directly contact the support team of the Dropbox. The support team is always ready to answer all the queries you have about the online Dropbox storage pricing. You can also see the Frequently Asked Questions and their answer from the support and help option of the Dropbox. Also, you can send an email to the official email of the Dropbox. Giving a call to the support team of the Dropbox is the best idea to get the suggestions and helps in a shortcut way. The support team is always there to help you in need.

Is it possible to change the currency on the Dropbox pro or Dropbox business subscription?

Yes, you can change the currency on the Dropbox Pro or Dropbox Business subscription which is based on the location for subscribing them. Various local currencies are acceptable in addition to the US dollars and your billing address is detected according to the initial purchase. You cannot change the currency after your currency has been established for your account.

Payment options for the Dropbox Storage Pricing

You can pay for the subscriptions of the Dropbox storage with the following payment options:

Credit card

You can use your credit card to pay for the subscriptions of the Dropbox storage. Performing the payment with the credit card is acceptable and easy too. Some of the credit cards that you can use for the pricing of the Dropbox storage are as follows:

Cloud Storage Comparison

  • Visa credit card
  • Discover credit card
  • Mastercard
  • Carte Bleue credit card (Limited on certain countries only)
  • Visa Electron credit card (Limited on certain countries only)
  • American Express credit card


Since PayPal has been a trusted method of performing the online transactions, paying for the Dropbox storage is very easy and secure.

SEPA Direct Debit

Dropbox Cloud Storage Prices

Though the SEPA Direct Debit service is available only for certain countries, it is also the best method to pay for the Dropbox storage.4


Dropbox Cloud Storage App

The iDEAL is a good way of pricing for the Dropbox cloud storage but it is available in Netherlands only.

Dropbox Cloud Storage Plans

These are the payment methods and cost of dropbox cloud storage. Get one as per your requirement and enjoy the service.