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In a word, Dropbox for Business is a leader. They’re a great company, and have based their market-leading product on a great user experience, and ease of access.

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  1. Both drop box personal and business are not safe for saving data Both drop box personal and business are not secure. I have lost my important personal data and business data. And I saw form the dialog box that my data was deleted while I was offline and nothing I can do to stop it. The customer service of dropbox is super pool.
  2. Dropbox Business Advanced Review Dropbox Business Advanced A great all-round business service with unlimited storage, smart collaboration tools and tight security The name Dropbox is all but synonymous with cloud storage and sync, and there’s a good chance you have already used its personal platform.
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Dropbox for Business is an application that allows you to share and access business files and documents wherever you are. It includes administrative controls to manage teams and security.

Dropbox Business Review Reviewed a year ago With everyone working from home now, Dropbox has become even more vital to us as a company. We normally store a lot of our files on our company network, but it runs very slowly which interrupts workflow. Dropbox Business, even after so many years, shows its expertise when it comes to file sharing. Dropbox led the charge on sync years ago, and it continues to be the best option to this day.


Dropbox Customer Reviews

Before you choose Dropbox for Business, here are the key things you need to know.

First, it’s a great product for sharing and accessing files and one of the clear market leaders. Dropbox’s real strength is in the user experience, and what it enables. It’s no surprise that Dropbox has a huge market share for cloud file storage - it is great to use.

Dropbox For Business

Second, Dropbox security. We believe that Dropbox take reasonable security measures, however Dropbox was designed as a consumer application, and their product security was developed around consumer needs. The Dropbox storage is held on Amazon S3, and is well-secured, with all of Amazon’s usual security measures, plus Dropbox encryption. Dropbox also take application security seriously. However, there have been a surprisingly large number of security flaws discovered in Dropbox (which have been resolved).

Dropbox For Business Security Review

Finally, the lack of independent audit and security certifications for Dropbox. We expect to see more robust governance, that’s independently audited, and security certifications like ISO 27001. Because these aren’t available, we’ve downgraded Dropbox for Business from a Grade A to a Grade B.

Dropbox For Business Reviews

For most organisations, we believe that Dropbox is a good choice for file synchronisation and sharing.