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And the Dropbox badge allows collaborators to see who else is viewing a file and get the latest version with just one click. Dropbox also integrates with Azure AD, enabling companies to set up single sign-on quickly and manage accounts automatically in Dropbox Business. With Microsoft Office 365, companies can: Increase employee productivity. Now, Dropbox has a similar feature in its apps, called Dropbox Badge. The feature is also related to Microsoft Office, but only for the Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint files stored on your Dropbox account. Thats funny because after having done all you suggested, I still get popups. For example when I take a screenshot, I get a badge asking me if I want to upload it into dropbox. When I installed dropbox, I wanted a file sharing device that takes one(!) specific folder. Access version history with the Dropbox badge Use the Dropbox badge to see the version history of any file saved to your Dropbox account. It can help you recover an o Add shared folders Learn how to add a shared folder to your account, and get help accessing shared folders that you were invited to. You can disable it by clicking on the Dropbox icon in your system tray, then the gear icon, then Preferences. You'll then have the option to choose when you'd like to see the Dropbox badge: ' Always show ', ' If others present' and ' Never show.' To completely disable the Dropbox badge, select ' Never Show ' from the drop down menu.

This badge provides you with a way of storing, sharing and accessing your files on several devices. Dropbox is used by many people to save and share files, it is perfect for teachers as you can access files such as lesson plans and photos at any time to take them from home to school on just your tablet, smart phone or laptop, you also use it to share resources between friends and colleagues.

Dropbox badge in office

Dropbox Badge In Office

Dropbox Badge

Dropbox Badge Popup

In order to gain this badge you must;

Dropbox Badge

  • Sign up for a free Dropbox account and install it
  • Install the Dropbox app onto your iPad
  • Ensure auto up-loader, to automatically upload your pictures from all your connected devices to your Dropbox account
  • Refer a friend to Dropbox
  • Upload 5 new files to your Dropbox account
  • Share 1 file with a friend or share a link