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Dropbox Basic accounts offer 2 GB of storage space for free. Our upgraded personal plans come with more space, starting at 2 TB for a Dropbox Plus or Dropbox Family account, 3 TB for a Dropbox Professional account, or 5 TB for a Dropbox Business account. How helpful was this article? In this trick, I will teach you how to get Dropbox 2TB Account for Free. This video is working because this doesn't contain any verification-.

Dropbox 2tb

If you're the Family manager of a Dropbox Family plan, you can cancel your subscription at any time. The cancellation will go into effect at the end of your current billing cycle.


When the subscription ends:

Upgrade from a free Dropbox Basic account (2 GB). Get 2 TB (2,000 GB) of storage space for 1 year so you can keep everything in one place. Dropbox Smart Sync: Move your lesser-used files off your hard drive and onto the cloud. It offers 2TB storage space and costs almost half what Dropbox does. Why iDrive is a good alternative to Dropbox: iDrive.com free plans offer 5GB of storage space and their premium plan offers 2TB storage for only $59.12 dollars for the first year. I would like to use my dropbox storage to share excel files which are accessed by power query. I have a folder with files several excel files in it, and one excel file that has power query that should draw information from the tables in the other files.

  • Everyone on the plan (Family manager and members) will be downgraded to their own free Dropbox Basic account.
  • All plan members will retain access to all of their files and folders, as well as any content that was shared with them.
  • All plan members will retain a copy of the Family Room folder.
  • Anyone on a free Basic plan can recover deleted files and restore earlier versions of files for 30 days.
  • Anyone who exceeds the storage quota of their Basic account can still access their files, but Dropbox will stop syncing their files to their devices.

Dropbox 2tb Storage

To cancel a Dropbox Family plan:

  1. Sign in to dropbox.com.
  2. Click your avatar (profile picture or intitials) in the top-right corner.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Click Plan.
  5. Click Cancel plan at the bottom of the page.
  6. Select a reason for canceling.
  7. Click Continue canceling. You’ll receive an email confirmation that your subscription has been canceled.

Note: Family managers who purchased Dropbox Family through the Dropbox mobile app will need to cancel through the app store on their mobile device.

While some families are now more physically together than ever, other families are scattered and doing their best to stay connected online.

With most people living, working, and schooling from home, our lives got way more complicated almost overnight. We can’t bring everyone together for a few laughs in the family room, but we’re doing our part to help you and your family declutter your digital lives with the introduction of our new Dropbox Family plan.

Our Family plan keeps up to six members connected in one organized place with 2,000 GB (2 TB) to share photos, videos, PDFs, and even Google Docs. Each member can access the Family Room, a shared folder that allows every member to stay up to date on important family business and the latest recipe creations. Everyone has their own separate account for personal files—and it’s all under one plan with one bill.

With everyone and their stuff under one plan, it’s easy to stay in sync and keep important documents like emergency contacts close at hand when you need them the most. To help you keep your digital lives secure and accessible on any device, Family includes additional products and features: Dropbox Passwords, Dropbox Vault, and computer backup. You can spend less time rummaging through paperwork to find what you need and more time with your family.

Store and sync passwords across devices

Dropbox 2tb Cost

Get your teens in the habit of using strong passwords early so their account details stay safe. Our Passwords app lets everyone on your Family plan create and store account details across devices. They can instantly sign in to their favorite sites and apps like Spotify, Amazon, bank accounts, online classes, and more.

Since Passwords secures credentials with zero-knowledge encryption, you can have peace of mind knowing that your family’s account details are protected. With apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, Passwords lets your family members sign in from anywhere—no matter which devices they use.

More features: protect what matters most

Dropbox 2tb Account

Vault provides an extra layer of security for each member’s sensitive files—whether they’re storing bank statements to balance a budget, organizing college applications, submitting their Social Security card for a new job, or uploading housing documents, their files will be organized and easily accessible. Plus, you can select one family member who can access your vault in an emergency.

Computer backup automatically syncs folders like your Desktop, Downloads, and Documents on your PC or Mac directly into your Dropbox folder. Protect your family against computer loss, hard drive crashes, and the hassle of manually transferring files to a new device.

If you need to back up photos, you and your family can turn on the camera uploads feature to automatically upload photos from a mobile device into Dropbox. You can also use camera uploads when you connect digital cameras and SD cards to a computer with the Dropbox desktop app installed. Your family’s photos and videos will be backed up and stored in their Camera Uploads folders for safekeeping and sharing for years to come.

And thanks to a new integration with Facebook, your family can now transfer their entire photo and video libraries directly into Dropbox with only a few clicks. Now all of your family’s digital photos can be easily stored in one organized place. Sharing your favorite photos with your favorite people who aren’t on social media has never been easier.


Dropbox 2tb Free

Our new plan gives your family a place to share and store memories no matter where they are. Sign up for Dropbox Family for as low as $16.99 per month—less than the cost of two Dropbox Plus subscriptions—and still get all the same features included in Plus.