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1/4 Inch Grid
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1/2 Inch Grid Blue

Doodle Grid Method

1/8 Inch Grid Blue

What is Grid Paper?

Grid paper is simply a page covered with a continuous square grid. It is often called 'quadrille paper' or 'quad paper.' The squares usually have a specific size such as 1/2 inch, 1/4 inch or 1/8 inch - which gives the paper a name such as '1/2 Inch Grid Paper.' No axes are drawn on grid paper. This type of paper is often used for student graphing assignments where the teacher gives students the responsibility of determining scale and drawing the axes.
Grid paper is the type of graph paper most often used for art and drawing projects. It is used for creating floor plans, designing web pages, creating cross-stitch patterns, planning construction projects and many other purposes. Many people who use it believe that a quick pencil and paper sketch can be created in a fraction of the time required to make the same sketch with a computer program. This works well for a single draft, but if multiple refining drafts are required, then the computer program begins to have an advantage.

About our Grid Paper

We have six different grid papers that you can print for personal or academic use. Please print as many sheets as you want. They are provided as printable .pdf documents, formatted to print on a standard sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 paper. To print them you will need a .pdf document reader such as Adobe Reader.

More about Grid Paper

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Waterproof Graph Paper Notebooks
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BEHAVE 2020-2021

BEHAVE 2020-2021 – 6th European Conference on Behaviour and Energy Efficiency

21-23 April 2021

Virtual Conference

Dear BEHAVE 2020-2021 participants,

Due to the travel restrictions and social distancing requirements under the ongoing pandemic, the organisers have decided to move the conference online. We miss the in-person format of the conference and look forward to meeting you after the pandemic.

How To Doodle Grid

We have received around 100 abstracts and many inquiries. The official language of the conference is English. The draft program is available.

Stay safe and we look forward to seeing you during the conference. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Best regards
EnR and C2E2


European Energy Network (EnR), a voluntary network of 24 European energy agencies; Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency, Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

Focus Areas

Integrating behavioural insights for faster and broader energy efficiency improvements and climate neutrality.

About the Event

BEHAVE 2020-2021 is the 6th version of the biannual EnR event that focuses on the application of behavioural insights in energy efficiency. As an important conference for national energy agencies in Europe, BEHAVE provides a unique forum for policymakers, academia, industry and practitioners to share ideas and experiences in promoting effective solutions for energy efficiency improvements and climate mitigation.

Doodle grid

BEHAVE 2020-2021 will include plenary sessions and parallel sessions. The conference will produce two publications:

  1. Conference proceedings will consist of accepted abstracts and be released during the conference;
  2. A special issue in the journal Energy Policy, which will consist of invited papers based on screening of the accepted abstracts.

The BEHAVE 2018 held in Zurich received 200 abstracts and attracted 330 participants. BEHAVE 2020-2021 is expected to make another record high in participants and another three days of exciting discussions and networking..

Compared with previous years, the upcoming BEHAVE 2020-2021 will have more coverage on developing countries, more significant presence of participants outside Europe, the private sector as well as experience sharing from international development agencies and the United Nations on integrating behavioural economics in international development assistance projects to developing countries. Given the latest scientific and policy developments, BEHAVE 2020-2021 is also expected to contribute to the transition to a climate-neutral future.

Thematic Topics

Topics of the conference:

  • Behavioural insights and their application in the developing world
  • Integrating behavioural insights in international development assistance
  • Applying behavioural insights in the private sector, organisations and business models
  • Promoting sustainable energy behaviours: policy instruments, interventions and evaluation of effects
  • Behavioural insights for effective climate change mitigation
  • Behavioural potential to facilitate the smart grid and demand response
  • Approaches and strategies to deliver effective and scalable behavioural interventions
  • End-use energy efficiency in buildings and organisations
  • Users behaviour in transport and mobility
  • Behaviour integration into energy modelling for policy development
  • Applying behavioural insights to increase energy efficiency financing
  • Behavioural solutions for small and medium enterprises
  • Equity, ethics and inclusion in behavioural-oriented policy approaches
  • Multidisciplinary approaches to energy behaviours for achieving the SDGs
  • Community Engagement
  • Contribution of behaviour in energy sufficiency

Registration Fees

The event will be sponsored by the Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency and it is going to be free.