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I’ve setup two VM’s - one running Nextcloud 9.0.52 and the other running the docker image for Collabora Online. I’ve set it up as per the online documentation. Both servers have real SSL certs installed.

Learn all the ins and outs of CODE How to grab the CODE image from Docker image Collabora Online Development Edition (CODE) is available as a Docker image from Docker. LibreOffice Online based on

Openoffice Docker

Everything works perfectly and I was super happy to have Collabora fire up first time and I’m able to edit documents and spreadsheets and the like.

Docker Libreoffice online, free

What I’m curious about is when I launch a document. Collabora fires up and I get a “connecting” spinner for about 20 to 25 seconds before the document comes up.

I’ve been trying to debug this - both VM’s and the docker session are all low CPU load and I’ve done a whole bunch of tcpdumps to see if something is trying to connect to something which isn’t responding.

My initial suspicion was a DNS lookup or similar causing the delay however nothing shows up in the wireshark traces. There are no errors anywhere I can see.

Docker Libreoffice Online

Is this normal behaviour? Does everyone else have the same 20 odd second delay that I have?

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Docker Libreoffice Online

cheers, wizdude