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Sales Page template ‘How to write your sales page’ worksheet. Sample photos and demo content to get started easily. One-click template layout install. Tutorials to guide you through installing and customizing your template. Access to our help center for detailed documentation and resources. Made by Elegant Themes (the creators of Divi), this pack has 7 nice page layouts: – Post template – Product Page Template #1 – Product Page Template #2 – 404 Page Template – Category Page Template – Author/User Page Template – Search Template. Featured product template for Divi landing page You can use the new Divi Woo modules to create product pages and add product information anywhere on your site. This free layout for 3 featured products with hover effects uses a number of Woo modules and inbuilt Divi settings. Divi refers to the different parts of the WooCommerce product template as modules, so to edit a particular part of the page you need to hover over it until you can access the Module Settings button, which will display a screen like the one shown below. Once the module settings box is open, you are free to customize as you see fit.

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What is Divi Monk Templates?
Divi Monk Templates is a cloud-based Template Library for Divi Theme and Divi Builder.
How Divi Monk Templates Work?
You will need to install Divi Monk Templates plugin and activate your license. After that you can browse all the available templates from WP admin and install the ones you like.
Can I save my Templates to Divi Monk?

No. You can not. You will have hundreds of templates to choose from. 🙂

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Divi Monk Templates is a huge time saver it gives you access to professionally designed page templates, modules, and sections. Drag and Drop to build your new website.
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We use free images from sources like Unsplash and Pixabay which can be reused. Some stock images are watermarked and will not be suitable for re-use.
Will You add more Templates?
Yes, we will keep adding new layouts, sections and module templates to the Divi Monk Library.

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No. We do not add any credits/comments/links in the templates or the template source code.

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Yes, you can. You are free to use this for all personal and client sites.
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Yes, you can use it on unlimited personal and client sites.

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Yes, this feature is available in the Lifetime package. You can use change the plugin name, developer name, website, branding colors and even hide it from the plugins list. Check this video for more.

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Not at all. Divi Monk Templates is light-weight and doesn't add any code bloat to your site.

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Yes, you will get 30% renewal discount. But, you must renew your license before it expires.

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Yes, you will be able to access all the new and existing templates during your subscription period.

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Can I delete the plugin after using the Template(s)?

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Yes, you can. Deleting the plugin won't break anything on your site. The layout gets imported on your site and stays as it is.

Divi Monk gives you access to a wide range of professionally designed templates.
  • Hi,

    On all the products we have on our previous site, the product specifications is under a custom product tab.

    I’m trying to find a way to display the content of this custom tab, on the new product page layout. But as you might understand, I’m stuck.

    Using the Divi builder and making our own product page layout.
    I’m not going to use the WooCommerce Product tab option.

    Any tips?

    All help is much appreciated.

  • @martinaadland,

    The tabs that are available through Custom Product Tabs for WooCommerce are only changing and adding too the default tabs provided by WooCommerce. In short, if you’re not going to use WooCommerce tabs you won’t have access to these tabs in your template.

    However, these tabs are still in your database and could be accessed through postmeta with the ‘yikes_woo_products_tabs’ key.

    If you’re creating a page template you’d use the following code to pull out the tab titles and add them into a list.

    The same can be achieve to get the tab content using $tab['content'] instead of the title below.

    I’m not sure how this would be implemented with the Divi builder but if you were creating a theme you would have to include template files to override WooCommerce page templates.

    This example is done using the Loop so you’d have to execute it within the loop for this to work. I’m not sure if this is going to fit your use case but if you’re able to somehow access the postmeta for the page your currently looking at within the divi builder you’ll see all the tabs under yikes_woo_products_tabs.

    I hope this helps let me know if you have the ability to see your postmeta. If not I would suggest using the default WooCommerce tab functionality.



    If you want to remove the title from the tabs you could just use CSS.

    Or if you’re familiar with adding filters into your themes functions.php file you could use these filters.

    Remove the title from the WooCommerce tab itself. (Not the button)
    add_filter( 'woocommerce_product_description_heading', '__return_empty_string' );

    Remove that same title from custom tabs
    add_filter( 'yikes_woocommerce_custom_repeatable_product_tabs_heading', '__return_false' );



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