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Hey Divi Country! Thanks for joining us for the next installation of our weekly Divi Style Effort where every week, we hand out brand name brand-new giveaways. Just recently, we shared a brand name brand-new Life Coach Design Load. To assist you get your site up and running as quickly as possible, we’re sharing an international header & & footer design template that matches this design pack completely! Hope you enjoy it.

Download The International Header & Footer Design Template For The Life Coach Design Load To lay your hands on the complimentary worldwide header & footer design template, you will initially require to download it utilizing the button listed below. To access to the download you will require to sign up for our Divi Daily e-mail list by utilizing the kind listed below. As a brand-new customer, you will get much more Divi goodness and a complimentary Divi Design pack every Monday! If you’re currently on the list, just enter your e-mail address

The Footer layouts for Divi listed above can be used in your website running on WordPress with the Divi Theme. Some layouts can be imported to the Divi layout library and some are available directly within the Divi Builder itself as predefined layouts. No More Spam In from your Divi Website. Today is a good day! Elegant Themes has added Google reCAPTCHA to Divi in both the Contact Form and the Email Optin. That’s right, I was casually reading over the tons of bug fixes in the Divi changelog for version 4.0.7 when I spotted itreCAPTCHA support was added! Select the DIVI Footer Layout Template in order to make edit. Select Global Footer Template From Divi Theme builder Library. Click the “Edit Template Layout” on Settings. Click Save Changes Button. Go to page view and show your changed footer. Elegant Themes releases a new Divi layout pack each week that can be loaded directly from within Divi using the Visual Builder. Each layout pack is designed for a specific niche and comes with 6-9 page templates. Each is 100% free for personal or commercial use.

Divi Footer Templates

You can use a section which was built with the Divi Builder as the default Footer for your website. It will behave just like a regular WordPress footer and you will be able to edit it from the Divi Library, the changes will be reflected throughout the website.

Let's get started.

First thing you will need is a Child Theme, you can see herehow to create one.
Now, we will get rid of the WordPress' default footer for the entire website. To do that, add this code in Custom CSS from Theme Options:

#footer-bottom {display: none;}

Creating the Footer section:

Divi Footer Templates

Go to Divi Library and select Add New:

Name it and select Section as Layout Type:

Now, go ahead and start building your section as you wish. You can find some layout packs to get inspiration from here.


In my example, I am using a background image to the section with three columns, each one with a Text module:

Inserting the Footer Section into the PHP template:

Now we are going to grab the shortcode and insert it into the footer.php page with a little PHP snippet.

You will need to go into your Divi Library and open up the saved layout:

Once you have the layout open, check out the URL and you will see a sequence of characters and numbers. You are going to want to copy the numbers as we will need that for the next steps. For example in my case, the number sequence that I want to copy is 215223:

Go to Plugins -> Add New, install, activate and click the plugin called WPIde:

Divi Footer Templates

Now with the help of this plugin we will copy the content of the file called footer.php from the parent theme to the child theme, so the changes you make won't be lost after a theme update.

Go to WPIde > themes > Divi > footer.php, copy all its content and then create a new file footer.php into the child theme where you paste it. Detailed instructions can be found here: http://recordit.co/19fx9tQAwH

Then, in the footer.php of the child theme, find this line of code:

Just underneath that line of code you will be adding this new snippet of code. And then replace the number 215223 with the number from your section:

Save the file and now you will have that section as a footer for the entire website:

To make changes to the footer, simply edit the layout from Divi Library and they will be reflected all over the website.