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Direct mail and catalogue retailing are examples of: The lays out the target markets and the value proposition that will be offered, based on an analysis of the best market opportuni. Local businesses and individuals can create an Every Door Direct Mail-Retail ® (EDDM Retail ®) mailing online with a account. To use EDDM Retail, you are required to send at least 200 mailpieces but are allowed up to 5,000 mailpieces a day per ZIP.

Here are 47 creative direct mail examples to inspire your next marketing campaign.

Firstly, Mercedes cleverly use the flap of the envelope to demonstrate the convertible to stand out in the mail.

The shock and empathy used in this example is a questionable strategy, but consider using an emotional hook (fear, guilt, jealousy, greed etc.) to get the audience’s attention and keep them engaged.

KitKat created a fake mail slip for forgotten post to emulate the royal mail missed delivery letter which is left in the letterbox when you miss deliveries. This is funny but also effective in grabbing the attention of the reader people’s brains have been wired to associate these slips as being important.

Skoda added a penny to their postcard which invokes curiosity and draws attention because of how unusually it is. There are many ways to invoke curiosity effectively.

This hilarious marketing postcard for dental implants combines natural human impulse and comedy gold to get the attention of the reader. Using humour is a great way to build your brand and have your message retained and shared on social media.

Use jokes, puns, and try to come up with something original and clever like Neopost.

Use cut-outs to stand out and show off your brand

This borders on gorilla marketing, but what kind of materials could you be using, what ways can you use physical materials for people to engage with you in person?

The economist balloons send through the post grow the brain when inflated. A metaphor for subscribing to their magazine.

This Greenpeace glove demonstrates cleaning the waste with the iconic Greenpeace coloured glove. This example shows how being different and standing out will create a huge and lasting impression on whoever receives this.

Catalog And Direct Mail Retailing

Often marketers will use size to send oversized or large post. For the smart car the opposite was used, to show how small and nimble the car is for cities, being smaller can also help you stand out.

It’s not just the message which matters, the timing is important too. Send postcards on people’s birthdays or special occasions.

Create direct mail as an experience. BMW does a fantastic job with their mailers and create a luxury experience.

Make your marketing useful, one of the advantages of physical post is you have a much bigger range of things you can offer your audience to provide value beyond information.

Get creative with your envelopes. Try combining the exterior with the interior of the mailer.

What gets people attention more than cold hard cash? This has been done many times with a lot of success. Even including a peak of a fake 1 dollar note inside an envelope always gets the reader’s attention. Just make sure you can relate it to your messaging or brand. Otherwise the reader will feel tricked.

Fold outs and cute animals.

When people receive letters, they are often important. Make sure you give something of value in your message.

When people interact with your mail, they are more likely to remember your message and act on it longer. It’s also more likely to be shared within the household or on social media.

Direct mail doesn’t have to be paper, you can send anything.

Even an emergency box. Would you pay attention if you saw this in the post?

Direct mail uk

This in an old one, but the technique is good. Verizon cut holes in their mailer to demonstrate how you’d use their phone.

The interactive fish postcard.

The receiver of the gingerbread mailbox, is first delighted, and then curious as to why the foot is missing.

Google maps printed on the envelope to show directions or relay information.

Another incredibly creative example of humour in direct mail.

Send a balloon in a box.

Use origami on your mailing will make your post much more fun and interactive, especially if your product is aimed at households with children.


You’ll notice that interactivity is a common theme in some of these examples. That’s because it’s effective at drawing attention and being retained in memory.

HelloFresh personalise the messages to each person. Think about how you can use personalisation in your post.

The matchbox mailer:

Use fold outs to create a journey and tell a story.

Humans react more to things which are unusual and haven’t been seen before. Think about how you can do the same.

This example is to promote Macbeth at a Theatre.

Direct Mail Retailing System

Funny “miss-fortune” cookies 😂

Having your message retained in the household means it will increase the chance of it being auctioned. Create something of value to your audience and encourage them to keep it, as was done well with these discount tickets.

If you send products to your customers, think about how you can incorporate direct mail principals into your packaging.

This one plays on the expression “Peanut butter and jelly”


There is no limit to the number of shapes you can use for your mailings.

Origami is an effective way to be different and fun.

Remember when you were a kid, and in school you’d have popup books that you’d spend hours reading and experiencing. They would literally bring your stories to life. Well the same thing works for your mail, look at how Ikea have taken this principal for their marketing.

Bright coloured postcards stand out on the doormat

Check out this DIY Cycle helmet

Papa john – masters of direct mail, have send physical paper versions of their pizzas

Make your mail seem personal and direct. People don’t receive as much mail as they used to and get excited and look favourably on mail which is humanised.

If you can send it in the post, it’s direct mail.

This postcard has instructions to run it under water, and when you do the message shows.

Running a direct mail campaign can be time consuming, but there is a lot of opportunity in marketing with physical post because it’s much easier to stand out and be noticed compared to digital clutter.

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For tips on designing postcard marketing campaigns with direct mail, read the essential tips: Essential postcard marketing tips

Direct Mail Uk

Definition: Direct mail is a form of marketing where businesses send brochures, postcards, catalogs and other promotion materials to prospects via postal delivery. Despite its brick-and-mortar roots, direct mail has been successfully utilized by ecommerce businesses to drive online sales.

Not dead yet: How ecommerce retailers use direct mail to their advantage

Two of the chief attributes that attract businesses to direct mail is also shared by online advertising: precision targeting and trackable results. Ecommerce marketers depend on social media, pay-per-click ads, search engine optimization and other online platforms to drive traffic, but many are rediscovering the benefits of using a terrestrial channel like direct mail as well.
The Direct Mail Association Factbook stated that almost 70 percent of customers of different age groups made a direct mail purchase in 2013, indicating there is potential for generating online leads through printed advertisements. Many online businesses use direct mail to fill in the gaps left by online platforms when marketing to consumers.

Grabbing attention with great photography

If your products have visual appeal, using a printed catalog or postcard can make a great teaser to entice people to visit the brand's website to browse.

Putting the product in the customer's hands
Direct mail retailing solutions

The obvious benefit of print is that people can hold it with their hands, and businesses that offer products enhanced by touch or smell often translate very well to direct mail. By giving people a tangible experience - like perfume scented cards, fabric samples or a 3-D cardboard pop-up display - companies can create a powerful impression on customers while giving an incentive to purchase online.

Show options for customization

Companies are finding ways to peak the interest of direct mail recipients through personalization, displaying examples of how people can customize their purchases and inviting them to visit the website catalog for more options.

Make sure mailings are coordinated with online updates

Direct Mail Marketing

Seasonal changes and new product rollouts vary from one industry to the next, but it's important to make sure that your direct mailings and online offerings are in sync. Some businesses may only send out one mailing a year, and in those cases your featured products should have long shelf lives that don't necessarily have to mirror seasonal offerings online. On the other hand, if the brand introduces new products in direct mail throughout the year, like clothing or shoe retailers often do, coordinating your online stores with mailings is vital to creating a seamless shopping experience.
Direct mail continues to be an incredibly useful tool for businesses, including online retailers. However, like all advertising, direct mail works best when the message, creative and distribution work together. Online companies that focus on creating printed pieces that enhance the customer experience, while also making it easy for people to transition to the website for purchasing, will find that attention to detail makes all the difference.