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Mailing (Direct Mail & EDDM) is Critical to the Mix Mailing clubbed with Online Marketing is the most effective way of reaching out to increase sales conversion. Help your customers grow, offering them to design, print & manage their direct mail more frequently than ever. Plantable direct mail products are unique, memorable and act as an interactive gift that can be nurtured and cared for. The recipient will have positive brand associations every time they tend to their plants. Choose from a wide range of flowers, herbs, fruit, vegetables and specialist seeds. We are dedicated to helping your business attract and retain new members though unique and effective direct mail promotions. Call 866-418-2055. Direct mail at its BEST is a person-to-person communication medium. Boost your ROI (Return On Investment). We offer a variety of tools to increase your opening and response rates. An envelope allows you to include multiple inserts in one mailing to reduce.

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Mailing works! We believe in the power and the convenience of direct mail, and we are here to help our clients deliver their message to the mailbox.

We know that planning a mailing project isn’t easy. We break down the planning process into these 3 simple steps: Target, Print & Mail!

Target – It’s all about who you’re reaching.

Custom Direct Mail


Are you providing your own list, or do you need our help finding your target market?

  1. If providing your own list, we simply need an Excel spreadsheet with columns for Name, Address, City, State and Zip.
  2. If you need our help generating a list, we can break that down for you by a ton of different data points such as age, race, gender, household income, education level, zip code, neighborhood, proximity to a point on a map, and many more!

Print – Make it beautiful, memorable and targeted with a compelling call to action!

Do you have a finished print-ready file for us to run? Or would you like our help laying a piece out for you?

  1. If you have a file ready to print, we can print any just about quantity from 5 to 500,000. We can also print variable pieces, with data and addresses merged automatically so that each printed piece is personalized.
  2. If you need us to design it for you, our in-house graphic designers are here to get the job done and our team of mailing experts can help you develop a winning campaign. We can design something starting from a blank page, can spruce up something that’s almost finished, or can provide guidance for you on mailing layouts such as where to put the address block and indicia.

Mail – Postage costs add up, and we can help you save by mailing smart.

Projects can be time-consuming and expensive, but you may be able to cut your postage costs in half by taking advantage of bulk rate postage, and we can do all of the setup work for you. We can take on the job of addressing, stuffing, sealing, stamping and sorting, and then we deliver your mailer directly to the post office. We take pallets of mail to the post office every day, and no mailing project is too small or too large.

Let Target Print & Mail help you get your message to the mailbox in the most effective and most affordable way!

Direct Marketing Campaigns

Target Print & Mail is built to manage any type of direct mail campaign. We can help target who you want to reach, print just about anything, and mail it out for you. If you need a small postcard mailer going to your neighborhood or a large scale direct mail campaign to be designed, printed and mailed out nationwide, we have you covered.

Political Direct Mail

Target Print & Mail is the Tallahassee and Florida leader in campaign direct mail. We love working with political consulting firms and with candidates to help them reach their target audience. We can pull mailing lists based on voting history if needed, and we can execute sophisticated direct mail projects on very tight timelines. From postcard mailers to fundraising invitations, we specialize in making candidates look good.

List Acquisition

We work closely with 3rd party list generation partners to provide targeted mailing lists. We help ensure that you only reach the people you want to target with your direct mail campaign. We can purchase lists based on lots of demographic information such as age, gender, household income, race, home value, political affiliation and many other criteria. We can help narrow lists down to the exact count of people our clients want to reach based on their budget and needs.


Target Print & Mail has provided our customers with beautiful invitations that will help their event stand out. We can print invitations in just about any size or shape needed, and can insert them in envelopes or keep them as standalone postcards. We can add flair to any invitation by adding a gold or silver foil, printing in gold, silver or white toner, and adding other decorative elements such as cuts, perforations and folds where needed. We can also print on a wide range of paper stocks and finishes.

Fundraising Appeals

Let Target Print & Mail be your fundraising print partner. Our invitations and fundraising appeals will ensure that your piece is seen by your target audience, and will make a great impression when they receive it. Our appeals can be printed on a range of high quality paper stocks and will be produced on our state of the art digital production machines. We also can provide variable printing so that each fundraising appeal is personalized.


We can produce postcards in sizes such as 4×6”, 5×7”, 5.5” x 8.5” and 6 x 9”, or in other custom sizes if needed. We print our postcards on a variety of high quality card stocks, either with a matte finish or a glossy finish as needed. If you need 10 or 100,000 postcards, Target Print & Mail can help!

Direct Mail Products


Neighborhood and community newsletters continue to be a great way to connect with members of organizations, neighborhoods, associations and other community groups. Target Print & Mail is able to design newsletters from scratch that can be printed and distributed out, or we can take a newsletter you design and mail it out for you. We can turn around newsletter projects quickly and at a very affordable price.

Direct Mail Production Services

To learn more and get pricing on your custom mail project, click here.