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U.S. Mailing House originally offered only mailing services. However, we quickly saw the need to provide direct mail printing. Twenty years later, we have become the trusted printing source for our clients. We have all of the latest printing equipment, allowing U.S. Mailing to finish projects faster while saving our clients more money. We would love to help you with all of your direct mail projects.

Direct mail has proven to be a consistently effective marketing tool despite the rise of online marketing. When incorporated as part of a multi-touch strategy, it allows you to reach your customers at the right time, with the right message, and through the right channel, enhancing your overall responses and results. Direct Mail Printing Services At Preferred Direct, we partner with you to design, print and process a custom direct mail printing project that captures your audiences attention.

Here are some of the direct mail printing services we provide:

Print Provides an Opportunity to Differentiate The CMO Council found that the average response rate for emails is 0.12%, whereas the average response rate for direct mail is 4.4%. According to the Mail Media Centre, while 11% of marketing emails are opened, the open rate is 91% for prospecting direct mail. Direct Mail Advertising Print Advertising Meeting & Event Planning Services. Website (775) 825-6555. 280 Brinkby Ave Ste 204. Cheep Cheep Postcards - Direct Mail Advertising. Direct Mail Advertising Printing Services Post Cards-Wholesale & Manufacturers (4) 32. YEARS IN BUSINESS. Website More Info.

Color Printing


American Litho is a strategic partner in capturing the eye, mind and loyalty of your customer. We offer data-driven solutions across all channels that bring direct mail, packaging, merchandising, printing and digital tactics together to ignite results.

U.S. Mailing House offers color printing by both offset and digital presses. This allows for maximum savings while printing static or variable work.

As a full-service print & direct mail marketing company, U.S. Mailing House will review your mail piece design to ensure maximum response and verify that it meets postal regulations and is eligible for postal discounts.


And for non-mailing items, remember U.S. Mailing House. We print everything from business cards to notepads, letterhead, envelopes, posters, sales collateral, brochures, folders, and banners.

Direct Mail Printing And Mailing

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Direct Mailing Services

Direct Mail Envelopes

To save time and money, let U.S. Mailing House print your envelopes. We print direct mail envelopes in-house at speeds up to 60,000 per hour so you can be sure your envelopes will be done on time at a price you can afford.

Direct mail envelope printing is a specialty and since 1992, U.S. Mailing House has been one of the best! Join the thousands of companies and organizations who trust U.S. Mailing House to provide the highest quality printed envelopes. Send us your print-ready digital files, and your order will be on its way! We print all shapes and sizes of envelopes. Custom orders are welcomed as well.

Direct Mail Printing Equipment

REMEMBER: your envelope is what gets your prospects attention. Brown kraft and official looking direct mail envelopes get opened. Give us a call, we will be happy to fill you in on what is working and how to go about getting your direct mail envelope printed and mailed out. We are here to help!