Direct Mail Printing And Mailing Services Near Me

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Printing and mailing services near me

For your convenience, we provide custom graphic design, high-quality printing, multi-carrier shipping services and more, so you can tackle everything on your to-do list quickly and in one place. From business cards to signs, and all small business and personal print projects in between, we've got your back with our full-service printing. Whether you need direct mail services, custom printing, or graphic design, our marketing, print, and sign company is ready to be a part of your success. Our printing and mailing company can help you with all aspects of growing your business, from building brand awareness and increasing services with your current customers, to generating new.

Printing and direct mail

Present a Professional Image to your Mail Out Recipients

Save time, money, and energy with Mail-O-Matic’s mail folding services. Properly folded inserts will fit into smaller envelopes which can help reduce your postage costs. Folding your mailing contents yourself by hand will be a drain on your employee resources which is why it is much more cost-effective to let our production staff do it for you.

It may seem trivial, but folding is an extremely important part of your direct marketing campaign. An incorrect fold could obscure important information or prevent your package from fitting into the proper envelope. Mail-O-Matic provides accurate and efficient document folding services in-house with our automated machines as well as by hand.

Our many styles of full folding include:

  1. Roll / U / Letter
  2. Double Parallel
  3. Cross
  4. Z / Simple Accordian

A properly folded mailout looks clean and professional to your recipients, and It will be easier for them to organize and read your mailouts. They will take your package more seriously and are more likely to contact you. Your folding services at Mail-O-Matic are done exactly as you specify them.

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