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Postcard Mailing & Marketing Services Vistaprint Send your direct mail postcards using targeted postcard mailing. Time is money, and Vistaprint makes it easy by helping you find the right people and mailing your postcards for you! It’s easy, design your card, tell us who you want to send them to and we’ll mail them for you. Direct Mail Postcard Printing for All Getting your audience’s attention can be a challenging project all on its own, remove some of the stress and hassle that comes with direct mail marketing leveraging 4OVER4.COM's extremely convenient and easy to use Direct Mailing Services for postcards and more! Without waiting for checks to clear, price. Grow your business with postcard printing and direct mail marketing trusted by over 330,000+ businesses. Modern Postcard’s team of experts help Small and Mid-Sized Businesses, Nonprofits, Agencies and Brands with print and postcard marketing, direct mail advertising, mailing lists, data, analytics, design.

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We provide a culture of personalized services and solutions but unfortunately we are only able offer our Personalized Print services, Direct Mail and Direct Marketing services and Postcard Retargeting services only to customers with offices in the United States, Canada and Mexico. And in accordance with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) Regulations, we don’t collect email addresses, any browser based history or any Personal Identifiable Information, or Sensitive Personally Identifiable Information on you.

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What are standard postcard sizes?

Direct Mail Postcard PrintingPrinting

These are the standard size postcards for both regular and Every Door Direct Mail® use.

Standard postcard sizes
4.25' x 5.5'
4' x 6'
5' x 7'
5.5' x 8.5'
6' x 9'
6' x 11'
EDDM® postcard sizes
4.25' x 10.625'
4.25' x 15'
6.25' x 9'
6' x 11'

Can I print non-standard postcard sizes?

Absolutely! We will gladly produce custom postcard sizes for you. Just request a quote or call us to discuss your specific project.

What are my color options for postcard printing?

We can print full color on both sides (called 4/4 color), full color plus Pantone spot colors (also called PMS colors), full color on one side and zero, one, or two colors on the other side. If you want a black and white postcard, we can do that too.

Can I include a personal salutation?

With our digital printing capabilities, you can personalize each and every postcard to the recipient using variable data. You can even include different artwork for different groups of people. Digital printing is best for shorter runs of 500 to 1,000 pieces, but it makes a big impact.

What is the required bleed for full color postcard printing?

Direct Mail Postcard Printing

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Our bleed is 1/8' along each edge. When designing your postcard, please add the required bleed on your files.

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What coatings can I use on my postcards?

We include Aqueous Coating for free. Additional coating options include UV Coating, either Spot or Flood, (non-address side only) and Soft Touch. Spot UV is a great option for a shiny, hard coating to protect images or call out a specific piece of your message. Soft Touch adds a luxurious feel that helps your card stand out even more in the mailbox.

Can PFL mail my postcards?

Yes, we can definitely mail your postcards, either using your provided list, or we can help you acquire a targeted list. We have instant mailing prices on our Pricing and Ordering page, or you can call our mailing experts to discuss the specifics of your mailing project. We even have a great tool to help you with your Every Door Direct Mail postcard campaign. For details on all aspects of mailing, please visit our Mailing Services Guide page.

Can I mail some of my postcards and have the rest shipped to me?

Definitely. We can mail the quantity you want to your targeted list and ship the remaining postcards directly to you. All you have to do is enter a 'Shipping Address' when you order directly from our site, or tell your team where you want the postcards shipped. We can also stagger your mailings by sending a portion out each week, or days apart.

Do you have postcard templates?

Direct Mail Postcard Printer

We sure do! Postcard layout templates for all our standard sizes are available in our Postcard Layout Section.