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Begin with your strongest benefit. In the advertising world, features tell and benefits sell. Buy Direct Mail Copy That Sells! By Lewis, Herschell Gordon (ISBN: 507) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Direct Mail Copy That Sells! Read reviews from world’s largest community for readers. Here are the secrets of writing copy that sells, revealed. Make it easy to read. When people pick up a sales piece, they'll start by quickly glancing through it. The secret of success in direct mail: Show the features in the brochure, flaunt the benefits in the letter, and sell the response hard. That is the secret of successful direct mail. The copy should be written so the weakest, most inexperienced portion of your audience can read it easily.

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Direct mail needs to get the attention of a reader. There is a lot of direct mail thrown in the trash or recycle bin because the content didn’t connect with or clearly state the benefits to the reader. Here are five tips to creating direct mail content that will sell your products or services.

Keep it simple

Readers should be able to quickly scan your direct mail and understand the message or offer. This doesn’t mean dumbing down the message, but rather keep paragraphs short, don’t use complicated words when simpler ones will do, separate your main points with bullets or indented line items, and repeat the message more than once in the mailing to get the reader’s attention. Research shows a reader needs to hear a message more than once to retain it.

Create images with words

Direct Mail Copy That Sells

Successful direct mail paints a picture in the reader’s mind. Use words that conjure up images, because the image will be remembered longer than the words. Tell the reader how your product will benefit them, and save the features for the product brochure. Features won’t paint the same picture as the benefits of a new car or product. Readers need to understand how the offer will improve their lives.

Have a hook


The mailing needs to have an angle or hook that creates a sense of urgency or need. This might include providing a limited time offer, stating you can help them make money quickly, or telling them you have a product they can’t get anywhere else. Think of creative ways to get a reader to respond because they are compelled by the message.

Tell a story

Direct Mail Copy That Sells Stamps

Think of mailings that you opened which caused you to keep reading. They told a story which described a product or company in a conversational way, or offered a testimonial from a customer whose life was changed by the product or service. A good story sells your product but in a way that brings the reader into a conversation rather than a sales pitch. Make sure before you finish to show the reader why your product will be unlike any other or will change their lives.


Direct Mail Copy That Sells New

Keep some mystery in the message


Direct Mail Copy That Sells Pdf

A direct mail piece needs to pique the interest of the reader, and one way is to hint there is more than you are telling them. Put a little mystery in the piece either by offering more information if they contact you, or hinting there is more to your products than a simple mailing can describe.

Direct Mail Copy That Sells Paper

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