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Classic direct mail packs consist of 4 components: envelope, letter, brochure and response mechanism (which may be part of the letter or brochure). More creative options will help your direct mail to stand out, such as a cut-out image of your product or logo, shaped postcards, scented mail and innovative envelopes. Direct mail advertising is the cost-effective way to reach thousands of local consumers by delivering your ad directly to their mailboxes. Direct mail isn’t a one-size-fits-all marketing method. There are multiple formats that should be considered before any mailing depending on the goal of your advertising campaign. Choose a regular Brochure Self-Mailer or choose Self Mailer with Message Area on Address Panel, with space for an attention-getting image or message on the address panel. Save even more with 3-day or 'Select a Mailing Week' printing.

  1. Direct Mail Marketing Strategy
  2. Brochure Mailing Service
  3. Direct Mail Advertising Cost
  4. Usps Every Day Direct Mail

Learn what makes for great brochure, catalog and direct mail design.

Direct Mail Brochure

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  • Direct Mail Brochures serve multiple purposes such as explaining a new product/service, announcing a new location, handouts in meetings, etc. Stand out in a cluttered mailbox and display a sense of professionalism and importance with glossy, high quality brochures. WE Also offer 11x17 (4-page) Newsletter printing & Mailing services!
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Learn what makes for great brochure, catalog and direct mail design.

Direct Mail Marketing Strategy

Direct mail brochure examples

What you’ll be able to do — competencies

  • Develop a creative brief
  • Define the target audience and design to meet client objectives
  • Describe the many forms brochures, catalogs and direct mail can take and how to determine which form to recommend to a client
  • Explain how to help a client identify the information hierarchy to help determine layout and order
  • Describe basic design, color, type and composition concepts that apply specifically to brochures, catalogs and direct mail
  • Differentiate between effective and ineffective print media collateral
  • Design brochure, catalog and direct mail samples for a student portfolio

What makes for effective, vibrant brochure, catalog and direct mail design?

Apply concepts and tools learned in foundation and visual design classes to create pieces to incorporate into your portfolio. Course is conducted in a workshop format; portfolio pieces are developed through homework and in-class critiques. Refinement will occur throughout the course, and work on a computer outside of class is vital.

  • Design Foundation and Visual Designer classes or equivalent knowledge
  • Completion of InDesign is essential or with program permission
Direct Mail Brochure

Session 1

  • Student introductions
  • Review of good design
  • Discuss effective collateral materials
  • Rules of good brochure design
  • Portfolio-building assignments include an opportunity to design a travel brochure, business/self-promotion and/or public service brochure

Session 2

Brochure Mailing Service

  • Client needs/audience/budget
  • Information hierarchy
  • Catalog formats/grids
  • Effective catalog design
  • Class critique/discussion
  • Review homework with the group
  • Choose from client scenarios and develop a design solution for a catalog

Session 3

  • Designing for direct mail
  • Print production
  • Planning
  • Class critique/discussion
  • Review homework with the group
  • Continue to work on portfolio assignments at home. A direct mail piece will be added as part of a collateral campaign

Session 4

  • Email campaigns
  • Social networking
  • Downloadable brochures
  • How to prepare final projects
  • Class critique/discussion
  • Review homework with the group
  • Continue to work on portfolio assignments at home

Session 5

  • Present final assignments with the group as though presenting to a client
  • Discuss how to finalize it for your portfolio
  • Discuss online adaptions
  • Bring in final projects to share in class

Total classroom hours

15 hours




Evenings, 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM, 5 T W Th - 5/25/2021 - 6/16/2021

Quarter: Spring

Total cost


Direct Mail Advertising Cost

Instructor: Morgan Olson

Usps Every Day Direct Mail


Class meets 5/25, 5/27, 6/2, 6/9, 6/16.

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