Direct Mail Best Practices 2020

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Here are eight of the best practices for political direct mail we’ve seen for the most effective campaigns: Establish a clear message that is easy to understand. Showcase how your message contrasts with your opponent’s message. Insert emotion — voters respond and remember emotional emotions more than facts and figures. Direct Mail Marketing Best Practice Tip No.5 More is more. Unlike a Tweet or Facebook post, a direct mail campaign presents a real opportunity to share a good portion of information with your customers. Flyers, brochures, even postcards are all direct mail formats that land in the home and are kept in the home for weeks potentially. The Comprehensive Guide to Direct Mail Postcards & Marketing. Direct Mail Best Practices, Printing, Direct Mail. Join us each week RIGHT HERE ON YOUTUBE for our Live Q&A. Every Tuesday at 7PM CST Find Us on Instagram - and http://.

Make your mail appeals as compelling as possible. Kagan said you should make sure to state your.

Know Your Target Audience

It’s nearly impossible to design an effective direct mail piece if you don’t know who you’re targeting. Understanding what your audience wants helps you create a persuasive design that complements the copy you write.

Identify the Goal of Your Piece

Knowing the goal of your piece (and your campaign as a whole) helps you tailor the message you want to send and informs your decisions about copy, imagery and format. Keep the tone of your text consistent with your other communications.

Plan for Personalization

Personalization is one of the most powerful tools in direct mail. Each of your direct mail pieces can be personalized to appeal to the preferences of the recipient.

Choose the Right Format

Format dictates the amount of copy and images you can fit onto your piece.

Organize Copy Effectively

Your offer and CTA need to stand out clearly since they’re the most important parts of your mail piece. Your direct mail should include:

  • Headline: Cut through the clutter with a focused and compelling headline. Be sure to use a powerful, bold headline that tells your story and highlights your offer. Keep it short and specific. If you’re mailing in an envelope, tie the snipe on the outer envelope (OE) to the headline on your letter, mailer or brochure.
  • Subheads: Use subheads to guide a reader through your text and highlight your most important points.
  • Body Text: Being clear and avoiding jargon doesn’t necessarily mean talking down to your audience.
  • Your Offer: Clarity is key. Remember your audience and what you’re selling. Be sure the offer stands out and is compelling and appropriate to your target audience.
  • Call to Action: What do you want the recipient of your direct mail piece to do? Make it obvious and easy, otherwise the consumer probably will not act (example: Call us now to save big).
Direct Mail Best Practices 2020


A brand is much more than just a logo. The visual components of your design provide the initial impact of your mailing. Typography, your color scheme, use of white space and images all contribute to making your piece the one your prospects respond to.

  • Typography: Pick a small combination of fonts – no more than three – that support your marketing and brand. Make sure they are easy to read. Vary font size to add visual interest.
  • Colors: Pick a color scheme that makes sense to your audience. Reds for a dentist or doctor is probably a no-no. If you’re a lawyer or an accountant, remember that people expect you to look professional, so that day-glo paisley background is out.
  • Keep it Simple: Be clear and don’t clutter your message with unnecessary design elements. A beautiful shot of a flower or a piece of furniture is more compelling than 10 indecipherable images.
  • Images: Images for print are different than those we use for online work. If you download images from the internet, be sure they are of high enough quality to be printed. Avoid backgrounds that are busy. Don’t put text on top of complex images.
  • Use Your Space Wisely: Remember that an area of white or a block of color can be as important as an area with text and an image. Keep your piece from being cluttered and overcrowded. The goal isn’t to fill up space; the goal is to use it to get your message out in a way that is appropriate to your audience and your goal.


  • Search for spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Is the information accurate (offer, phone numbers, url, expiration date, etc.).
  • Does the overall design of your ad flow and make sense?
  • Are there any places where the copy is unclear or confusing?
  • What’s the main point you’re trying to emphasize on your piece? Is it coming across clearly?

Jenny Lassi • September 1, 2020

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Best Direct Mail Company

In the past, many advertisements appealed to the masses even though they were targeted to specific demographics. Can you forget the ingenious ads from McDonald’s, Kodak, Marlboro cigarettes, and Coca-Cola that were responsible to cement these iconic brands in our country’s DNA? If aid was rolled into a popular radio program or in Times Magazine, it gained instant credibility and unique authority.

In this digital era, marketers are finding it hard to get in front of their potential customers. Consumers are exposed to hundreds of ads daily, so they are ignoring the advertisements. Only 2% of ads get valued attention from prospects. As the digital advertisement landscape condition is risky because of saturation and quality. There are serious trust issues experienced. Therefore, advertisers are making a U-turn and choosing the print medium – Direct MailMarketing.

Direct Mail Best Practice

How direct mail marketing works

It is a channel where printed and physical promotional material gets mailed directly to the existing or prospective customers. The aim is to gain their business to develop a good relationship. In theory, it appears to be a simple process but for a successful mail campaign, you need to have a strategy planned. Understand the main three aspects of mail marketing.

  • Targeted list – It means you get a good response.
  • Promotional offer – It is a step that leads to closing a sale.
  • Compelling creativity – It allows grabbing consumer’s attention and response.

Determine the kind of direct mail program you need to use.

Traditional marketing includes

  • Envelopes or letters
  • Self-mailers
  • Postcard mailing
  • Catalogs
  • Dimensional mailers

Digital marketing includes

  • Email
  • Search engines
  • PPC
  • Social media
  • Mobile apps
  • Email

Traditional and digital marketing methods can be used strategically to make the most of your promotional campaign.

Direct Mail digital programs have an all-time high response rate. Consumers of every age find it more personal and trustworthy. Therefore, it becomes necessary to establish direct mail best practices.

Direct mail best practice

Identify your target demographic

Direct Mail Best Practices 2020

  • Look at your existing customer base to find out why they purchase from you. Evaluate the similarities to determine who will benefit from your business.
  • Check your competitors targeted customers and search for a niche they have not tapped into.
  • Evaluate your product or services to determine how it can solve customer issues.
  • Use the target market’s lifestyle to find out how your brand will fulfill their needs.

Determine your campaign message

Create a message, which reaches your target audience. This can be achieved when you solidly understand your target audience. If you are building a cross media marketing campaign then make sure that the message used is consistent on every channel.

If you are promoting a new social media app then marketing it to seniors is not ideal. On the other hand, if you reach teenagers with an advertisement in the local newspaper then this is also the wrong way to go. Never expect direct sales conversion, but first look for leads and move step by step with follow up mailing.

Nonprofit Direct Mail Best Practices

Tips for direct mail timing

What Types Of Direct Mail Are The Most Effective

  • While running a timed promotion make sure to get the coupons out instantly as they have expiration dates.
  • Always be prepared for the busy season of the year, send direct mail messages in advance.