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DMA sometimes receives calls from family members, friends or caretakers seeking to remove the names of deceased individuals from commercial marketing lists. We understand how difficult this process can be.
To assist those who are managing this process, DMA created (in October 2005) a Deceased Do Not Contact List (DDNC) which all DMA members are required to honor. The Deceased Do Not Contact List is available to companies and nonprofit organizations for the sole purpose of removing names and addresses from their marketing lists.
What are the expected results?
When you register a name with DDNC, the person's name, address, phone number and e-mail address is placed on a special do not contact file. All DMA members are required to eliminate these individuals from their prospecting campaigns. The service is also available to non-members of DMA so that all marketers may take advantage of this service to eliminate names.
A new, updated file is distributed to our members every month. Therefore the number of commercial contacts from DMA members should begin to decrease within three months.
How to Register
Friends, relatives and caregivers are encouraged to register the information about deceased individuals as soon as possible. We encourage funeral directors, hospitals, doctors' offices and others to provide this Internet link to the bereaved, as well.
Verification Fee
There is no charge to register for the Deceased Do Not Contact List. Consumers will be asked for an email address when registering. An email will be sent to this address which will have a link to verify registration.
The DMA will not keep personal, identifiable information and will not use the information for marketing purposes.


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